Don't talk about Mama Joyce!

I know Kenya Moore has a lot of enemies, but even they have to admit the shade she throws is entertaining. I was rolling with laughter when Kenya name dropped Mama Joyce and her wig in her heated exchange with Sheree Whitfield during the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I’m sure Kandi Burruss was not pleased by Kenya randomly bringing her mother into a pointless argument about the square footage of mansions.

Kandi definitely had something to say about the remark, and it is not shocking that Kenya continued to diss Sheree on her social media accounts. She is relentless, and as much as I love Sheree, I live for Kenya’s shade throwing. She is the queen.


At this point, Mama Joyce should be holding a peach in the Real Housewives of Atlanta introduction. Plus, I know she would have the shadiest tagline. She always finds herself involved in the drama – somehow. Based on her past feuds, it is safe to assume that she was greatly offended by Kenya bringing her up in the discussion with Sheree.

A Twitter user asked Kandi, “did she apologize for bring your mother name up in the argument?” and Kandi replied by saying, “Yes. @KenyaMoore apologized to me & my mom.” I’m sure that Mama Joyce did blow up about the comment at some point, but apparently it’s all good now according to Kandi.

Kandi put up a meme on her Instagram with a split screen of Mama Joyce and Sheree, complete with a Mama Joyce speech bubble that says “I wore it better.” Not only that, but Kandi’s caption makes it seem like she’s in on the joke now. Kandi wrote, “This is hilarious to me! It wasn’t funny when @thekenyamoore first said it at the table but she has apologized to me & my mom so I can see the humor in it now.#MamaJoyceWig”

And I love Kandi for throwing in that hash tag at the end. Before we know it, #MamaJoyceWig will start trending and Kandi will be promoting her mother’s new line of wigs on social media.


Things may be copacetic between Kenya, Mama Joyce, and Kandi, but Kenya is still coming for Sheree – HARD. Kenya took to Instagram to call out Sheree for copying Mama Joyce with her hair and mannerisms. She also clarified that she was only digging at Sheree with the caption “Now you all know she stole her look! It was no shade to Mama Joyce. I love her. I would never shade any of the girls’ mothers.” They really are twinning in these screen grabs though. I cannot stop laughing.


If you thought that was outrageous, Kenya threw even more shade on Twitter. A fan responded to a link Kenya posted of her Instagram post by saying, “I knew exactly what you meant. Always looking for a way to make you the villain.” Kenya didn’t miss a beat, quoted the tweet, and added another insult aimed at Sheree: “It’s so tired just like that wig hehehe.” The woman is RELENTLESS.

Kenya continued to dog Sheree for stealing Mama Joyce’s hairstyle by putting up photo with a side-by-side comparison on Twitter.


Hold up, I’m not done. Kenya had even more to say about the #MamaJoyceWig. The Former Miss USA capitalized on the Kermit the Frog meme of the moment and managed to put her own spin on it that’s definitely worth checking out. Instead of Kermit, the meme shows the back of Kenya’s head face-to-face with Kenya wearing a hooded cloak.

Kenya captioned it: “Me: Let’s leave Mama Joyce out of this. Me to me: You’re right…. ‘bitch stole my look’ tapes tomorrow.”

Kenya doesn’t mess around when it comes to shade. The ball is in your court, Sheree. It’s time to step up and shad her back – but hopefully leave out anything that has to do with square footage, baseboards, or trim. I’m so done with the real estate competition. Nevertheless, it’s pretty surprising that Sheree has stayed mum on social media. Don’t fret though, I’m sure she’s just waiting for a prime time to strike and that she has plenty of shade written in her Twitter drafts.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]