Matt & Kenya fight

Things are getting rough for Kenya Moore this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her confrontation with Matt Jordan in the last episode was hard to watch. It definitely got out of hand and both parties engaged in some he said, she said drama on social media. Kenya recently opened up about her current relationship status and that tough scene.

Sadly, the situation is getting even uglier, and I can’t see it dying down any time soon. After all, this is only the beginning of the season and it seems like there’s even more issues between the two in the present day. It’s unclear if Kenya and Matt are still a couple.


Aside from battling out for the last word on social media with Matt, Kenya opened up about that confrontation in an interview with Bravo.

Kenya described her thoughts during the fight with Matt by saying, “I was tired. Tired of constantly fighting over the petty things he initiates with self-sabotaging behavior that escalates to violent behavior.”

I don’t blame her, but it’s also kind of confusing since just recently Kenya was talking about doing what she could to work things out with Matt. Hopefully, seeing the incident on RHOA finally helped her come to the realization that she needs to leave this toxicity in the past.

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Kenya said that she was surprised by by how the confrontation was depicted on the show, “I was shocked Bravo broke the fourth wall and showed me talking to my producer off camera. You can’t fake those moments. It was a very emotionally draining day.” Kenya also emphasized, “There is NEVER an excuse for violence.”

The big question now is what is Kenya relationship status with Matt these days. Well, if you’ve seen any of their social media accounts, you know that as of today, the two are not on good terms. After talking about Matt’s recent claim in the media, Kenya admitted, “I have done a lot of things in my life I am ashamed of, but I am most ashamed at myself for staying with this man and for letting down the women and young girls that look up to me. It doesn’t compare to the inner struggle I have had with myself.”

Kenya added, “Thank you for all your well wishes, prayers, and love. To the women who are in relationships where they feel afraid, threatened, or intimidated on any level at any time, leave and never look back.” Wow. This is very sad to hear no matter what you think of Kenya. Hopefully, she has really learned a lesson and is moving forward and past this relationship for good.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]