Double Teen Mom 2, double the fun. That’s right, fans, we got a bonus episode this week and I’m ready to bring you the highlights.

Leah Messer is moving on to bigger and better things in the form of a $110K house. She brings the girls and her friend along to see it because apparently, the owners don’t mind if she creeps around the property with the camera crew whenever she wants. Motivated to sell, I guess! There are still numbers to crunch and a wheelchair ramp to put in, but she’s optimistic. She also remains optimistic about Ali’s determination to do normal kid things, even though she’s falling a lot. Leah says as much to Corey Simms at one of their drop offs and Corey agrees for some reason. Ultimately, Leah does end up getting the house and it’s only eight miles from the girls’ school, which she is thrilled about because that means it will only take her 15 minutes max to get there. It also means she will only be 45 minutes late instead of over an hour. It’s a win for all.


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Isaac and Lincoln are thrilled Javi Marroquin is coming home soon. Kaily Lowry, not so much. Things are tense around her house as she refuses calls from Javi and snaps at the producers. Her marriage seems like a merry go round but Javi has already started making plans to finalize his own place when he returns in just over thirty days. Kail seems pretty stressed, but luckily she has the support of Jo and Vee, who want to encourage a relationship between Isaac and Javi. Jo doesn’t want their childhood to be marked by restrictions and their parents fighting. It’s both a mature and extremely thoughtful sentiment and it’s nice to see how they have all of the kids’ best interest in mind.

Looks like Jenelle Evans is close to settling her custody arrangement with Nathan Griffith. Although he still hasn’t proven that he has all the necessities for her to sign the mediation documents, they are getting warmer. On the flip side, Jenelle hasn’t proven to Nathan that she’s worthy of having his home address because of, you know, the whole assault on his girlfriend thing. On the phone with her lawyer, Jenelle deems this “understandable.” As in, she understands why her ex wouldn’t trust her not to go nuts with a mason jar to the head again.

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As a side note, it’s hard to watch Jenelle go on and on about Kaiser being in a safe environment when the whole time she’s driving around with him and his car seat harness clip is up around his neck! Who taught her how to put a kid in a car seat? But the custody agreement does get signed and right in the nick of time – Jenelle and boyfriend David Eason are off to vacation with the other kids in exotic Orlando while Nathan takes Kaiser. Jenelle is thrilled to take Jace on vacation without mom Barb hanging over her every move and likely preventing things like Jace eating his boogers the whole car ride down. I could have done without that footage.

Once in Orlando, it doesn’t take long for Jenelle to decide she’s ready to rethink the custody agreement. It’s been a whole day after all! Thanks to a video Nathan’s mom sent of Kaiser at the park, Jenelle and David decide that because Nathan is not in the video, he’s nowhere to be found and Jenelle is ready to take it back to court. I wonder what the ratio of Jenelle to other cases the Judge sees. Jenelle needs her own office at the courthouse.

Teen Mom 2 recap

On a much lighter note, Chelsea Houska has some big news and she texts producer Mandi to come over. The crew walks in and Chelsea wastes no time with her big reveal by flinging a bunch of positive pregnancy tests onto the counter as a pregnancy announcement. Mandi is extremely excited to get another story line about the baby and Cole DeBoer proudly shows off his DILF t-shirt (yuck). When asked, Chelsea says she wasn’t trying to get pregnant but admits she was off birth control and tracking her ovulation using ovulation sticks and then taking pregnancy tests every day. Errr, I’m no OB/GYN but that sounds a lot like trying to me.

Chelsea and Cole decide to tell Aubree that she’s going to be a big sister but opt for a more age appropriate card instead of her abundance of pregnancy tests. Aubree reads that mommy is having a baby and she will be a big sister then looks around, unsure of what to do. She ultimately decides she’s happy but I’m not quite sure she understands what’s going on to be honest. It’s adorable nonetheless. Looks like we will be seeing much more adorableness to come from this family!

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