Teen Mom 2 Recap: Case Of The Ex

This week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 revolves around the self-created drama of both Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans but what else is new? There are a lot of similarities between their two very different lives: both are selfish and over dramatic. But the similarities end when it comes to how they deal with things – Jenelle won’t shut up about whatever she thinks is going on and Kail refuses to talk about it unless it benefits her.

This week, Kail is so wrapped up in going back to school, we’re only subjected to the drama she has left behind for Jo Rivera and Vee Torres, while Jenelle is busy with delusions of everyone vying for her affections. Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska get lost in the mix of these story lines, as usual. Yes, I know, reality TV is all about drama and things happening and it would be a pretty boring show if it weren’t for this, but nevertheless, it does get tiring to watch two people who are so emotionally stunted.


Teen Mom 2 recap

We open on the sunnier side of things: Isaac is starting first grade and humors Jo while he gives him a big pep talk about what real school is like. You can tell Isaac is thinking the whole time, “I got this”. Even though Jo is nice enough to pick up Kail so they can both see Isaac off for his first day, Kail plays with her phone the whole car ride, then practically pushes Isaac out the car door, mumbles “bye,” and immediately goes back to her phone.

While Kail focuses on herself, Vee decides it’s time to put her foot down with Jo. Sort of. Vee starts off casual enough, asking if Jo plans on getting 50/50 custody. When he says he likes things the way they are, she decides it’s time to get a little more specific and outlines how Kail takes advantage of him with all the help she asks for. While Jo valiantly maintains that there is no such thing as taking advantage of him when it comes to Isaac, you can see he thinks Vee might just have a point.

Teen Mom 2 recap

But Jo isn’t ready to rock the boat yet and insists he won’t change anything unless he feels like he has too. Vee persists, and finally lays it on the table: she feels like their world revolves around Kail and their daughter Vivi shouldn’t be constantly put on the back burner.

Vee is right – even if it doesn’t matter now because Vivi is so young, eventually, Vivi will need more attention in the form of activities and school and it can’t be about what Kail needs all the time for Isaac. Listen to your fiancé, Jo, and take very careful notes on how she is currently treating soon-to-be ex Javi Marroquin. She could easily turn on you (again).

Later, Jo decides he should talk to Kail about it and tries to bring it up while she stares at her computer screen, uninterested. Kail insists everything is fine (obviously, for her!) and doesn’t see a problem since she’s a single mom. Jo mentions how his schedule is now all over the place and Kail just says she needs him more and hopes they are on the same page. Well, that solves that. Jo misses his golden opportunity to tell Kail to stop taking advantage of him.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Over to a much happier household in Chelsea. She has plenty of things to be excited about in this episode – she got the genetic testing results back so she knows the sex of the baby and she and her friends are headed to her bachelorette party. Chelsea doesn’t want to tell producers or the world what the gender is so she can give fiancé Cole DeBoer the fun of doing a big gender reveal party (do guys really care about that?) since it’s his first kid. But she does go against all common sense and tell her friends, with strict orders not to saying anything on their trip since the producers are listening.

With that in mind, it’s time to hit the road with their blow up doll named Dick (how clever). The party arrives at their cabin for the weekend and they waste no time strapping on penis hats and giggling like the bride wasn’t a teen mom and currently pregnant again. The next day, a patriotic themed gang are driving around, talking about what each of Chelsea’s kids will wear for her wedding and one of the friends slips and says “suspenders.” Chelsea knows they messed up. A producer comes on the radio, asking if there will be blue antlers in the nursery. So much for the producers not knowing.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Leah has her hands full with the girls like she always does. While picking up the girls from school, the car barely gets on the road and Addie has earned herself a three and a half minute time out, which mom administers at home while sitting across from her as she screams and Leah times it.

It’s time for another checkup with Dr. Tsao for Ali. All seems good and while she is getting stronger, Dr. Tsao says that’s usually temporary. He also asks if Leah would like to get Aleeah tested to see if she carries the same gene as Ali. Leah calls Corey Simms to ask his thoughts and he agrees she should get tested. That’s pretty much it for Leah this episode, not that any of you mind, I’m sure.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Finally, on to Jenelle and brooding beardy boyfriend David Eason. They go out to lunch with the kids and discuss at length what’s going on with Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffin and Kaiser as the kids look on awkwardly. Very awkwardly. They don’t even have anything fun like crayons to distract themselves from how awful Jenelle and David are to listen to.

I’m going to spare you some barf-worthy dialogue here and give you the gist of it: Nathan texted Jenelle to discuss discipline for Kaiser and Jenelle thinks that means he wants her back. Why? Because he broke up with his girlfriend and he is being cordial about things. I guess in the world of Teen Mom, that is how you might woo back your ex, who just so happens to be pregnant with another man’s baby. Never mind that they have just gone through a lengthy and nasty court battle for their kid or that she got him arrested for domestic abuse or that she got arrested for throwing a mason jar at his recent girlfriend’s head. Shall I go on? I didn’t think so.

To further her case, Jenelle tells David about her friend getting a call from Nathan, saying it’s weird to see Jenelle pregnant (is it though?) and that he thinks eventually they will get back together.

Teen Mom 2 recap

We need some clarity, so the producers sit down with Nathan and his bromate to talk about David’s most recent text to Nathan addressing the issue. Ugh, I suppose I have to tell you what happens, as much as I would like to tune out at this point. You guys owe me for this.

OK, so David accuses Nathan of being desperate and asks what he can help him with. Nathan responds with a lot of info: he DID think previously that he and Jenelle had a chance but now he doesn’t since David “sealed the deal” and he DID think he and Jenelle were perfect at one time (flash back to him screaming in her face that she’s trailer trash) but they had “some issues” they couldn’t work out. Oh and that he IS a little jealous and bitter. Nathan then says they could have a beer and talk about it, which David quickly shoots down with the burn that Nathan probably cannot even swallow beer.

Are there seriously no other women in a 50 mile radius? Why are these two idiots fighting over Jenelle? The producer, who is likely thinking the same thing, asks Nathan specifically if he wants Jenelle back and he snorts and yells, “Of course not!”

Is anyone else confused? And over it?


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