Jenelle Evans And Nathan Griffith Call Off Engagement; Erupt Into A Twitter Feud; Get Back Together!

Jenelle Evans flashes engagement ring from Nathan Griffith

So, what’s a reality TV famewhore to do when ending their engagement to another reality TV famewhore? Tweet it! Yesterday in a twitter rant of epic proportions Nathan Griffith called off his engagement (of less than a month) to Jenelle Evans!

Have no fear, however, because after erupting into a vitriolic twitter feud over what appeared to be Jenelle communicating with RECENT ex-husband Courtland Rogers, the Teen Mom 2 star and Nathan are back together. Because it’s not like Nathan is gonna give-up that MTV paycheck and get a real J-O-B!

Let’s break this down (I warn you now – get some wine.)


So Nathan is a controlling rage-a-holic douche, with multiple DUIs and a criminal trial pending. Jenelle is a umpteenth time arrested addict whose relationship dramas have played out like an episode of Jerry Springer. Both have first children they lost custody of. Naturally they met, reproduced, got arrested, broke-up, etc. etc. etc. all on TM2

And now a couple weeks later, it’s all over?! Nathan announced ON TWITTER that he is ending things with Jenelle because she is “disrespectful” and “dragging” him down. You would think for a fool who watched this chick on 16 & Pregnant and TM2 before stalking her on the internet, would know she’s a hot mess of disrespect by now! 

Nathan proposed while the couple was in St. Thomas and it was fraught with disaster from second one. First of all, Jenelle spent the trip arguing with everyone – her mom (who was at home with her kids), Nathan’s brother, her friends… Of course there was also the question of how broke Nathan even paid for her “designer” engagement ring – a question that was likely answered when an MTV film crew was spotted filming the proposal. 

“Even though we were in the rocks for a couple days, I’m glad I have my lil family and my love. I never proposed to anyone until I met you!” Nathan said 3 days ago. Then in a series of deleted tweets yesterday, he obviously changed his mind… 

“I’m tired of constantly being disrespected and dragged down,” Nathan tweeted to Jenelle. “It’s public it’s official! Goodbye.” Well, that’s pretty short and to the point!



The real question is what started it? The answer: COURTLAND ROGERS

Jenelle went to visit her friend Kaylin, who lives an hour away, in the same town as Courtland. And Nathan believed Jenelle was actually using Kaylin as a ruse to see Courtland! Probably. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.29.01 PM

Courtland and Jenelle have supposedly been talking lately – and he confessed to Jenelle that he still loves her – but then he posted a photo of him with his ex, Tori, who was once a friend of Jenelle’s.

Courtland reportedly offered Tori $10 to take a photo with him for twitter to make Jenelle jealous. Courtland replied, ““it wasn’t like that with tori jenelle stop worrying about that.I was just like take some pics with me damn why u stress me.” Isn’t this dude in jail? Did I mentioned their divorce, related to their 15 minute marriage, was JUST finalized!?

Although Jenelle called it “pathetic” – it worked because her ass was running to the car. Kaylin denied that Jenelle used her to see her ex-hubby and claimed she does not “associate with Courtland at all” and is not a “druggie” but she and Jenelle were “just hanging out” at her house. The timing was just oh. so. convenient! 


However, then Jenelle and Nathan erupted into a massive feud on twitter. Oddly, Jenelle posted a photo of a girl in a bikini – why?! – and Nathan tweeted back ““I’ll show you how a MAN should be treated.” Jenelle snapped back, “Oh really?” 

Then Nathan posted a photo of Jenelle’s soap-covered butt. Not kidding. Maybe Jenelle is trying to “Break the internet”!

Jenelle’s ex-fiance Gary Head even got involved in the madness, tweeting to Nathan, “If your babysitting the kids. Then she out getting high and taking d–k from an ex.” Keep it KLASSY! 

Of course, they’re now back together. Because SOUL MATES! Trash-trash they are one. Love is a battlefield… 


MTV must have reminded Jenelle and Nathan they’re under contract for a wedding, and they thought about all the money they would lose if they broke things off. We’ll see how long this lasts! And just a precaution, you have to wait a year to get a divorce in NC. 


[Photo Credits: Twitter/Instagram]