Cynthia Bailey And Miss Lawrence Weigh In On Real Housewives of Atlanta Drama

Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Cynthia Bailey and Miss Lawrence dished on the most recent episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cynthia fills us in on her relationship with Peter Thomas and Miss Lawrence shares a few opinions on the Kandi/Porsha drama.

Miss Lawrence says, “I’m actually not on either one of their sides. I think that they’re making it seem like being a lesbian is a bad thing. I think what’s most degrading is that they’re disrespecting each other as human beings and as women. If someone’s a lesbian, own up to it.”

Miss Lawrence on Phaedra Parks’ vacation outfits and swimsuits, “I’m all about a woman being confident in her curves and owning them, but you can look too stank.” Cynthia says, “I thought it was so funny that her booty was eating her thong.”

Andy plays clips of Cynthia and Peter interacting on vacation. Cynthia says that “We shared a lot of our issues on the show but i have to say sex was just not one of the problems we ever had.”

Andy plays a clip of Bob and Sheree Whitfield from last night’s episode as well as a very emotional preview of another conversation they are going to have next week. Andy asks Miss Lawrence if it was surprising to hear about Bob’s dark side, “What’s surprising is that Sheree would actually entertain him and even talking to him after what he said to her in the van. As a feminist I don’t take light to men being disrespectful or abusive to women. I think it shows them as being very insecure and disgusting. I think it’s a very unfortunate situation.” Cynthia chimes in, “I’d only seen the fun, Bob with jokes. So I was very shocked to see him make some of the statements that he made. My heart broke for Sheree.”

Did Cynthia start wondering in Maui if she and Peter Thomas would get back together? “In Hawaii, Peter and I were still married. So, I didn’t rule it out. I didn’t go to Hawaii to have sex with Peter, but I wasn’t completely closed to it. But I didn’t want to confuse the issue because we were in a good space.”

A caller asks Cynthia why nobody is calling out Phaedra for her part in dropping the tea about Shamea and Kandi. “I don’t know. It was on the show and everyone saw it.” Cynthia says she didn’t know it at the time, but saw the footage and has no idea why it never took off.

Another caller says she wants to see Cynthia out there dating again. Cynthia says she just started dating again. Andy asks if there’s anyone in particular? “No, I just started.” She says she’s considering dating sites. Andy recommends Raya since it’s for rich and famous people.

Did Cynthia and Peter sleep in separate rooms in Hawaii? “Yes, we did. I did not invite Peter to Hawaii, Todd invited Peter.”

What does Miss Lawrence think of the slander that Porsha Williams is spewing about Kandi Burruss? “Again, like I said, I don’t like it because Porsha is making it seem like being a lesbian is a bad thing. I commend Kandi for saying ‘if I was a lesbian I’d say it’ and her being honest in that. I don’t like them disrespecting each other. I don’t think it’s necessary, especially where we are with social justice issues right now.” Cynthia adds, “if Kandi had a sex dungeon, we’d be in there filming it all the time! She wouldn’t hide that stuff.”

Poll Questions:

Whose side are you on: Kandi or Porsha? Kandi wins with 84%.

Phaedra’s vacation wear: amazing or too much? 72% said too much.

Do you think Cynthia and Peter should take one more lap around the pool? 56% said yes.


Photo Credit: Bravo TV