Phaedra Parks Shocked By Bob Whitfield’s Comments; Admits Restoration Service Was A Failure

Bob Whitfield laid down some seriously messed up talk on this week’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta, and the cast and viewers alike still haven’t fully recovered. Nor, in my opinion, should they. Housewives will be Housewives, and snark will be snark. But Bob’s cavalier comments about not choking Sheree Whitfield “hard enough” in the past were just plain grotesque and dangerous. Domestic violence is not a laughing matter.

Phaedra Parks agrees, sharing that she was “shocked and somewhat disturbed by him finding humor related to such a serious situation. Watching the emotional impact it had on Sheree was heart breaking. I encouraged him to apologize to ease her pain as they were clearly on two different pages. It was obvious Bob did not appreciate the emotional gravity of his words and tone.”


As for Phaedra’s bright idea to have a “Restoration Service” with the ladies in an effort to heal their relationships – well, that was a big ole’ fail. Especially considering Porsha Williams’ ongoing, messier-than-messy drama with Kandi Burruss. Surprisingly, it was Sheree’s issue with Kenya Moore that rose to the surface first, though.

Phaedra admits, “Drama seems to be more appetizing than peace in this crew. Hence, I was not surprised by their lackluster attitude related to the restoration service. When they all agreed to attend, I hoped that they would put their best effort forward in order to truly explore the possibility of peace – but of course that would be too much like right.”

“I was not exactly happy with the outcome of the restoration service,” confesses Phaedra, who claims she only wanted the best for the group. (Hmm…that sentiment is questionable.)

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Phaedra blogs that she “was hoping that the ladies would have been more open to the possibility of a paradigm shift in a positive direction. Instead, it was a luke warm effort on their part and therefore luke warm results. I will continue to pray and champion for peace to prevail in this group of women.”

I don’t know, man. All the praying in the world can’t seem to save this season of RHOA in my book. Between the Porsha/Kandi gutter drama, Kenya’s tangled web of half-truths about her romantic relationship, and now the sad story of Sheree and Bob’s troubled past, this season has gone from weird to whack.

Maybe next time Phaedra will employ her funeral director skills to bury all of these storylines for good?


Photo Credit: Bravo