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Even though she is not a cast member on Summer House, Kyle Cooke’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Amanda Batula is shown a lot on the show. Unfortunately for her, this includes those night vision hookup cameras in the bedrooms, but it excludes Amanda giving her side of the story in any way shape or form. So I couldn’t help wondering what she thought about her portrayal on the show.

Amanda opened up about her relationship status with Kyle and whether or not she thinks Cristina Gibson had good intentions meddling with their interaction.


Amanda finally got to share her side of the story during an appearance on the Buttered Pop podcast. They jumped right into what the viewers want to know and asked Amanda if she and Kyle are still together and unfortunately Amanda didn’t reveal any spoilers there. Amanda said, “I cannot answer that. I think you’re just going to have to watch the rest of the season and see how it plays out. I will be back this season at the end.” And we never really got an answer. They were obviously getting along at the end, but did they officially start dating? Maybe I just missed it with all of the drunken yelling that went down during the episode.

Watching the show, it is a little unclear what was really going on between Kyle and Amanda. A lot of that confusion comes from Kyle’s drunk mumbling, but we just never got to see them define their status and we never got to hear Amanda’s side of the story. Amanda explained what was going on between them during the summer.
Amanda admitted, “We just never talked about what we were.” Still, they actually were hanging out and talking a lot- even during the week, which we all know Carl Radke and Lauren Wirkus never did (as of the last episode). Amanda explained the timeline: “We ended things in the beginning of May. We took a one month pause of not seeing each other. We were still talking and texting so he would still ask me to dinner or call me drunkenly at night which is his go-to thing- as you’ve seen on this show.”
She added, “You don’t see the phone calls and the text messages. People see me as this booty call or a late night lover. There was more to it than that. I wasn’t just there at 3AM. There was communication beforehand. There was hanging out during the week. It wasn’t just his little drunk dials and my little taxi ride over.”
Amanda was asked about Cristina telling her that Kyle made out with Cristina and Lindsay Hubbard’s roommate Katie. Amanda revealed that Cristina actually dropped that bomb during Amanda’s birthday after she was wasted from celebrating. Great timing, Cristina.
Amanda recalled the conversation that took place while they were waiting in a bathroom line: “It was my birthday and I had been drinking all day, so the conversation is a little hazy. Essentially she told me that I need to be careful and brought up that Kyle made out with Katie and that I need to solidify what Kyle and I are and we need to figure it out. She had also been telling my best friend that I need to figure out what Kyle and i were.”
Still, Amanda is not joining the cast members in the Cristina hate fest. She explained, “I think she’s coming from a good place. I think girls should have each other’s backs. Realistically, who would have told me? How would I have found out if Cristina didn’t?”
Amanda continued, “I think what she does- and this is me as an outsider who doesn’t have years of history- I think she wants to come from a good place and the consequences aren’t thought about before she goes about telling people these things. I don’t think she means it to be hurtful- from what I’ve experienced only.”
Although it was obviously tough for Amanda to watch Kyle with other ladies on reality television, she actually did get some good perspective on their interaction. Amanda explained, “It’s been a roller coaster of emotions since the summer and reliving a lot of it now and hearing the things he said because he wouldn’t say those things to my face.  To hear him say those things was really sweet.”
She also revealed that she had no idea that the cameras would capture so much: “The first time I ended up there,  I did not know there was not only a camera in the corner of the bedroom, but a microphone behind the bed. So I apologize to everyone who heard my ten long seconds of pleasure. I had no idea what I was walking into.” Poor, Amanda. If only Kyle was sober enough to warn her about that. Amanda added, “You see a lot more of me than I wish.” I wonder if Kyle knew about those bedroom cameras and just didn’t tell Amanda or if he also had no idea.
It was so awkward when Kyle told Amanda about all of his summer hookups during the finale. So I can’t imagine how bad Amanda felt watching it all play out on TV. Amanda explained, “He was single. We were broken up. It’s okay. It’s just never easy to watch your ex, your current boyfriend, someone that you want to be with making out with another girl that’s half naked and sleeps in your bed.”
Watching Amanda toast to having a great summer with the cast, I can’t help wondering if Amanda wants to be a full-time cast member on Summer House next season. Amanda didn’t front when she admitted, “I would love to. I was friends with a lot of the cast members before the show even started. I met them all through Kyle. The few weekends I was out there, I developed even stronger relationships, especially with the girls. I became much closer with them. They were supportive of me throughout the whole thing.”
Amanda continued, “Even just in that sense to be able to spend another summer with these people, I would absolutely love to do that. It was a lot of fun and would be great to actually have a voice and talk about what’s going on and not be the ‘dumb booty call at 3am,’ yeah I would definitely enjoy spending another summer out there with everyone.” I don’t blame her. It would probably be a better summer for Amanda if she was around more and actually got to share her opinions about what’s going down.
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