It was only a matter of time until Andy Cohen had Jax Taylor on Watch What Happens Live with Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke.  I love all of these Vanderpump Rules and Summer House crossovers. It was inevitable that the night was going to get inappropriate and sexual with the questions from Andy and the viewers.

The three of them had a lot to say about all of the drama we have seen on TV and what is currently going on in real life.


Interestingly enough, Lauren Wirkus was sitting in the WWHL audience, so Andy asked her directly about her summer hookup with Carl. He said, “Watching the show, it kind of seems like Carl was dicking you around a little bit, no?” Considering that Lauren was there, I assumed she was there as Carl’s personal guest and I assumed she would blindly defend him, but she actually said, “I mean, you think you could say so,” so Carl had no choice but to admit, “I was dicking around.” The audience definitely agrees with this sentiment. Sorry, girl.

Andy asked Jax to give his take on all of the Pump Rules couples. I’m sure Jax will receive some angry texts from Kristen Doute and/or Brian Carter in response to this WWHL episode. When he was asked if they would go the distance, Jax had zero hesitation when he replied, “No. I love them both. I think it’s great, but if you’re asking me a yes or no question: no, I don’t think so.”

Even though he shit on Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s relationship throughout the season, Jax said, “They have a lot to work through. I think they still have a lot to work through, but I think they’ll make it.” Ariana Madix has said several times that she does not want to get married to Tom Sandoval, so it’s not at all surprising that Jax said, “As far as getting married, probably not. I think they will make it, yes.”

When Jax was asked about James Kennedy and his lady Raquel Leviss, he said, “Who?” Shade thrown.

Andy instigated Jax by asking about “LaLa [Kent] and her taste in men.” Obviously she’s not going to be pleased by him saying, “I mean which one in the moment, right? I mean, which NFL team? I’m sorry. I didn’t say that out loud did I?”  Eh, not your funniest quip, Jax.

Andy also made it a point to ask Jax about single Stassi Schroeder and if he had any advice for her. Jax actually had nothing but nice things to say about his most famous ex: “You’ve got to give her an A for effort. She’s trying. I think she’s on every dating website there is. She’s doing awesome and you’ve got to give it to her. She makes fun of herself and she’s humble this year. She’s awesome so we wish her luck.” They have come a long way in their relationship.

A viewer asked Jax if he is jealous about Lisa Vanderpump’s interest in opening up a new restaurant for Tom Sandoval to run. Jax said, “No, not at all. We’ve all talked about it. We all think it’s a great idea. The bar thing is Tom’s schtick. He loves all that. I think he’s going to go for something like that down the line.”  He also added, “As far as Schwartz being a part of it, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

The focus moved to Summer House when Kyle and Carl were asked, “Cristina [Gibson] got a lot of flack for causing drama in the house, but don’t you think Stephen [McGee] was a bigger instigator?” Kyle answered, “I think that when you spend that much time together and you’re not necessarily involved in the actual drama, you might get involved somehow some way.” He said it in such a nice tone, but was he shading Cristina?

Andy pushed them to address the Stephen part of the question by saying, “Do you guys regret sharing and being so open with him?” Stephen’s bromance partner Carl said, “No, I mean boys club. Stephen’s great.” Kyle said what I’ve been thinking this whole season: “He’s comic relief. We need that. I can’t provide all of it.” Instigator or not, Stephen provides some much-needed laughs on this show.

A caller asked the Summer House guys who was more annoying when they argued: Everett [Weston] and Lindsay [Hubbard] or Lindsay and Cristina?

Talk about Sophie’s Choice with that one. As a viewer, I would say it’s a tie, and Kyle echoed that sentiment with “They really pass the torch back and forth.” He did eventually answer the question though: “I would say just because they broke my number one rule of no couples in the summer house: Lindsay and Everett.” Which was kind of awkward since Everett was in the audience, but both answers make sense. On the other hand, Carl didn’t have to come up with some sort of bull shit reasoning to answer this question. He said, “Cristina. All day,” with absolute certainty.

I totally understood the caller who asked Carl, “Do you think you’re the Jax of Summer House?” Weirdly enough, Carl admitted, “If I could be Jax, I would totally be honored.”

Kyle, Jax, and Carl all sipped their drinks to confirm that they’ve all had threesomes, dated a friend’s ex girlfriend, had sex in public, done cocaine, have been arrested, and messed around in an Uber. As a faithful viewer of Summer House and Vanderpump Rules, I expected all of those answers. I have to admit that I was shocked when Carl sipped in confirmation for having a foursome and a fivesome. Even Andy asked, “Really, Jax?”in response to Jax saying he’s never had a foursome.

Obviously Andy was baiting Jax when he asked the group if they’ve ever ‘taken a dip in the man pond,’ but they all said no to that one. Jax also said that he’s never “used his celebrity status to get laid,” which I did not believe for one second and neither did Andy since he implored, “Jax, come on.” Weirdly enough, Carl and Kyle both said that they’ve never hooked up with “fans,” but their show is still in the first season, so I guess it’s not too crazy that they haven’t. And then Andy pointed out that Kyle’s ex Amanda Batula was in the audience which explained the lack of fan hookups for Kyle.

Kyle gave a super vague answer about his status with Amanda: “You know, August was the month of soul searching and it was an eventful summer. I’m slowly figuring myself out.”

Jax was asked about his friendship with Scheana Marie Shay since she recently revealed that she blocked him on all of her social media accounts. Jax revealed, “We made up. That was last week, so talk to me next week.” Ain’t that the truth.

Jax vaguely continued, “We kind of went through a little tiff. I was hungover and when I’m drunk I kind of go and text everybody the next morning and go on a tangent, so I kind of did that and went off on her. So yeah, we’re fine now. We made up.” I guess Jax is giving Katie a run for her money with the rage texting.

A viewer asked Jax about his biggest regret from Vanderpump Rules and his proudest moment. Jax admitted, “I would have to say is a toss up between the glasses and the Tom Sandoval situation.” Well, that was not at all specific. Andy interjected and started to say something about him sleeping with Kristen and Jax just owned it and said, “Sleeping with my best friend’s girlfriend probably is up there.” Yep. And immediately after revisiting that awful era in Jax behavior he said his proudest moment was “dating Brittany [Cartwright].” Aaaww. I just hope he doesn’t mess this one up.

The episode basically ended with Jax passing the torch to the Summer House cast when Kyle was asked about how many nights he actually went to bed solo and he said, “Probably one or two.” Jax immediately replied, “I miss the first season of my show.” So do I, Jax. So do I.


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