Little Women: LA's Terra Jole Discusses Breast Cancer Scare

This season of Little Women: LA seems to have one emerging theme: health. Most of the cast is facing health challenges – from pregnancy complications to surgeries to strokes – that range from troubling to downright frightening.

After returning from her time on Dancing With The Stars last year, Terra Jole faced surgery for three hernias sustained during the grueling workouts – which she engaged in mere weeks after giving birth to her second child. Now Terra is facing another potential health scare: breast cancer. She opened up about feeling vulnerable sharing the details with the world right now, but did say she’s received two doctor’s opinions thus far and is “still waiting on additional results” of recent testing.


Terra told ET in an interview that the DWTS producer reached out to her to offer support. She says, “I’m very flattered that everybody cares so much about me and worries for my health and, as well, it’s been a trying kind of situation for me [and especially for] my family. My husband’s been so strong.”

Fresh off of the surgery that removed three hernias and repaired a tear to her stomach lining, Terra still maintains that she would do DWTS all over again if given the chance. “It was an experience that really changed me and I will always cherish that,” she reflects.

Terra’s cast mates, namely former bestie Elena Gant, have been less than supportive of Terra pushing herself too hard during the dancing competition, claiming she was in it for fame. Elena even encouraged Terra to quit the show because “she wasn’t going to win anyway” – a statement that Terra interpreted as mean spirited rather than helpful.

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Elena and Terra seem to have mended fences in this week’s episode, but Terra admits she’s scared about a possible cancer diagnosis that will change her life. She shares that “you do fear those ‘what if?’ kind of moments.”

For now, Terra is still glued to the new season of DWTS, rooting for her old partner, Sasha Farber of course.

But with few details about the why, when, and what concerning her cancer scare, the skeptic in me wonders what is really going on? It’s always tough to tell with Terra, who also produces LWLA and seems to have some hold over how the show is shaped. If she is truly facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, then I’m here to wish her only the best. We’ll have to wait to see what happens next.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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