Terra Jole has been feeling the wrath of her friends ever since returning from Dancing With The Stars – especially from former bestie and cast mate, Elena Gant. The Little Women: LA star and producer isn’t sure if it’s jealousy, bitterness, “I told you so” syndrome – or an unhealthy mix of all three. Whatever the case may be, she sure hasn’t been feeling the love. She has, however, been healing from the many health issues she faced as a result of competing on DWTS only weeks after having a C-section.

Terra breaks down the episode, beginning with uncharacteristically kind words for cast mate (and sworn enemy!) Christy McGinity Gibel, who sadly suffered a mini-stroke during neck surgery that left her with multiple health hurdles to overcome. Terra offers, “When it comes to Christy, it is really crazy to see the chaos that she’s having to deal with and I honestly wish her good health.”


In her PEOPLE blog, Terra shares her thoughts on seeing Briana Renee and Elena in a sex shop next: “They have me dying. The last thing I want to think about is Briana’s sex life, but it’s nice to hear she’s working on her marriage. Question though … what is Matt [Ericson] doing?”

No worries! Matt is just setting up that new Tinder password and snapping a pic and…oh, never mind! It’s all good.

As for Briana’s sudden wish to have another baby? Terra doesn’t mince words: “And … another baby, Briana? Really? Girl, bye.”

The real issue Terra has faced since her return from DWTS is how to put her life back together. With hubby Joe Gnoffo barely able to take care of himself – let alone two small children and now a recovering wife – and bestie Elena icing her out, Terra isn’t sure what the future holds.

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Elena still having issues with me doesn’t make sense. The dance has ended, and I’m curious if our friendship has as well,” defends Terra. “It’s hard to see Elena be so negligent to our friendship. I would love to hear her care, but instead it feels like she is trying to teach me a lesson. How am I supposed to learn a lesson if she won’t even discuss the details?”

“But while she’s trying to figure out whether our friendship will ever be the same, I’m at home recovering from surgery. The procedure is done and man, I looked rough! I remember vividly just how horrible I felt and how grateful I was for Joe. He helped me so much through the surgery and made me realize again why I love him so much. Not being able to pick up your own children is torture, but we’re making it work.”

So, where does the future of Terra and Elena’s friendship stand? Terra admits she just doesn’t know even though they have already filmed an entire season together.

She closes with gratitude for the friends who did stand by her, “Anyhow, I love that Tonya [Banks] and Briana came to support me after my surgery. They are such good friends and I’m grateful they showed love. I’m sad that Elena didn’t make it, and even emotional. I’m really not sure how we are going to work it out from here.”


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