Terra Jole Says Briana Renee Is Two-Faced

Terra Jole

Briana Rennee’s husband Matt Ericson might as well be a cast member on Little Women: LA. Almost every story line comes back to his shady behavior in one way or another. The entire cast has oscillated back and forth from pushing for a breakup to trying to support the relationship. At this point, Terra Jole is so over this situation and she is just pretty much done with Briana in general.

Unlike a lot of reality shows, most of the cast members on Little Women: LA have known each other for a long time. Not only that, but a lot of them have competed for jobs in the entertainment industry. With that said, there is a lot of tension among the cast and Terra has no issue sharing her side of the story – as per usual.


Terra shared her thoughts on the last Little Women: LA episode in her blog for People and she made it clear that we will not see best friendship between her and Briana this season.

Terra wrote, “So first thing’s first, Briana is going through her own self-destruction.” I can’t help agreeing with that one. Briana acknowledges that she has trouble trusting Matt, yet she adamantly sticks by his side. The ups and downs are constant. It’s exhausting to watch – I can’t even imagine living that life.

Terra said what most of us were thinking: “Matt can’t fix his past, but you at least have to be honest with what the real solution is. Stop blaming yourself when your anger isn’t inside of you, it’s in front of you!”

Honestly though. It’s commendable that Briana looks for the best in her own husband. No one questions her effort. She did everything she could to make this marriage work, but is there anything else she can do at this point? 

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Terra bluntly wrote, “Bye Briana.” Heartwarming stuff.

But of course, Terra has difficulty finding sympathy for Briana in her troubled marriage after Briana encroached on her professional success by going to “support” Terra on Dancing With the Stars and using that time to schmooze Terra’s manager looking for representation. The thirst it too real. What happened to women supporting each other?

Terra declared, “In all seriousness, though, this is the start of discovering Briana has two faces. One face is ‘Begs for sympathy’ and the other face is ‘Get ahead at any cost.'”

She also warned, “Basically our friendship is dancing on the rim of a toilet before getting flushed. I don’t handle it well in episodes to come. I’m not perfect, but I’m honest.” I hate admitting this, but I cannot wait to watch and see how this all goes down.


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