Ashley Darby Defends Herself Against Gizelle Bryant’s Claims That She Was Inappropriate With Her Dance Partner

Most of the Real Housewives of Potomac stars love to judge every move Ashley Darby makes, but I actually am a fan of hers – well as much as I could be a “fan” of anyone on this stepchild of a Real Housewives series. Aside from that feud between Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Gizelle Bryant, Ashley seems to be the only one with any actual story lines on this show.

Ashley has a new restaurant, which is such a go-to Real Housewives story line, and a relationship with a way-older husband. She even competed in a kind of Dancing With the Stars-like show.


Ashley opened up about the season premiere in her Bravo blog. “Having never been on the ownership side of hospitality, I did not anticipate the constant attention that Oz would require. While I understand that opening a business takes all of one’s blood, sweat and tears, I didn’t know that Murphy’s Law would take effect every damn day!”

She continued, “With Michael‘s business acumen and experience we thought we were properly prepared for every obstacle that could arise. The restaurant business, however, is a very unique beast with an emphasis on managing employees in a transient atmosphere. Finding reliable personnel and keeping them is a huge priority. If having a baby is anything like owning a restaurant, I’m going to be going to need a lot more whiskey!”

Aside from the difficulties with the restaurant, Ashley had another rough time when Gizelle insinuated that Ashley had an inappropriate relationship with her dance partner in the competition. Ashley said, “If there’s one thing Gizelle is good at, it’s worrying about what everybody else is doing. She wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without thinking that something salacious was going on between Teon and me, especially considering the lack of chemistry between her and her partner at last year’s competition.” That would have been super shady if anyone actually remembered Gizelle in a dance competition, but no one is that invested in that show.

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Ashley added, “At the end of the day, Teon, Michael and I know the innocuous nature of our dance relationship. Gizelle can keep her wet dreams about Teon and me to herself.”

Of course, Ashley commented on the Charrisse and Gizelle feud. And Ashley had no qualms speaking her mind. She declared, “Hands down, it was wrong on ALL fronts for Gizelle to involve herself in Charrisse’s business. Whether the allegations are true or not, it’s not my biscuit to butter, so the last thing I’d do is go around spreading the news.”

“This is another case of Gizelle not knowing her boundaries, but Charrisse came to play referee and is ready to put Gizelle in her place. The root of this problem is discussing other people’s sex lives; sex is a natural thing that two consensual adults can engage in until they deflate like hot air balloons. It’s not Gizelle’s concern to comment on what soon-to-be-divorced Charrisse is doing with her body, just as Charrisse needn’t call single-and-ready-to-mingle Gizelle a ‘whore.’ Do what makes you happy, and do it well!”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]