Terra Jole Talks Tension With Elena Gant, Her Husband’s Penis, & Her Book

I thought Terra Jole and Elena Gant formed a solid friendship on Little Women: LA, so I was surprised to see that their bond faltered thanks to Terra’s stint on Dancing With the Stars. Terra discussed the tension with Elena in an interview with Brandi Glanville.

Aside from dishing on the drama with Elena, Terra took her usual jabs at Christy McGinity Gibel and shared some super personal information about her husband Joe Gnoffo’s penis.


Terra stopped by the Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast and Brandi wasted no time stirring shit up. She said, “So I know the pretty Russian one,” and Terra interjected, “Yes, Elena.” Brandi declared,”She seems like she’s very jealous of you.”

Brandi asserted, “I don’t know because I don’t watch it all the time, but I will tell you she was real jealous that you were on Dancing With the Stars.” Terra confirmed, “I think that there’s a lot of animosity there. I don’t know if it’s jealousy, I’m still trying to figure that out, but you’ll see it this season.”

Brandi continued, “I think she might be an asshole.” Terra affirmed, “I think she might be an asshole,” but then she backtracked, “I love Elena and sometimes we fight. I think that’s what real friends do sometimes. It’s also weird because you’re trying to succeed in your own career and yet you’re also trying to be supported by these people that you think love you.”

Terra also revealed, “Right now I’m in the midst of writing my own book. It’s going to be released this summer. It’s a memoir and I am nervous because I have not shared everything about my life and I’m not necessarily sharing everything about my life in this book, but I’m sharing a big chunk that hasn’t been seen.”

I always wonder about reality star books. Terra is very open on her show, so I can’t imagine what else she has left to share.

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In regard to this season, Terra shared, “As you’ve seen so far, Elena and I are in it and we got through a lot of headache in and out. We bring in new personalities – British personalities.” She also commented, “This season really shows how our lives are now as moms and what that means. Some people are talking divorce and others are totally happily married.” Which I have to assume that comment was directed as Briana Renee.

Brandi asked if the cast drinks and Terra said, “Christy is sober,” with some clearly intended shade.

Terra jumped back to talking about Elena after she opened up about her role as a producer on the show and how she was instrumental in picking the cast members. Terra confessed, “Honestly when speaking with Elena, I didn’t know jack about her. I just knew she was gorgeous and I knew people liked to watch pretty people.” What a glowing review.

Terra also said, “She actually is very intelligent and she’s well-spoken in comparison to some of the other women.” She emphasized the word “actually,” which I couldn’t tell if that was shady… based on the previous comments, I have to assume she was.

At some point Brandi asked, “Is Joe well hung?” Not only did Terra answer the question, she also revealed, “He has a really nice package. He actually ripped me the first time we were together which was kind of exciting.” Okay, then.


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