apollo nida threatens phaedra parks

I never thought I would be so confused about whether a couple is divorced or not. It should be such a simple concept, but the split between Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida is anything but simple. It’s shaping up to be the messiest divorce in Real Housewives history. Not only that, but Apollo wants Phaedra to foot the bill – as if she wasn’t already carrying this family on her back.

Yes, there has been a lot of shadiness around Phaedra’s finances, love life, and plenty of other areas, but I still can’t help feeling bad for all of the Apollo-inflicted drama she and her cute sons have had to endure. If Phaedra has as much money as Apollo claims, she should throw some bills his way in exchange for him shutting his mouth. If LaLa Kent (of all people) can get people to sign non-disclosure agreements, then Phaedra (a lawyer) should do something similar. But that’s not the case and Apollo is calling Phaedra out…again.


According to a report from the Jasmine Brand, Apollo wants Phaedra to pony up and pay for all of his legal bills since she is (allegedly) making more than $75,000 a month and over $905,000 annually and he is just chilling in a prison cell. I’m sure the legal bills are expensive too since there is so much back and forth about the former couple’s divorce status.

Apollo says that Phaedra “has been very calculating in attempting to hide the divorce proceedings from the public eye.” Well, that’s pretty obvious and that’s just based on the lies that we have seen play out in the show. I’m sure there are more.

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Apollo also said that Phaedra didn’t list a home that they shared in Buckhead. How do you forget owning an entire house? That sounds shady as hell to me.

I’m just thrown off by the continued messiness of this situation. Phaedra is a reality star, exposing her life on television and she is a successful lawyer. How did she think she would get away with all of this suspicious behavior? It just doesn’t add up. She has to host a lot of charity bake sales and prayer circles to get the Real Housewives of Atlanta fandom to overlook this hot mess.


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