In her blog this week, Terra Jole offers her thoughts on the latest episode of Little Women: LA. In particular, Terra makes a plug for the newest addition to the group (and possibly, a permanent addition to the cast?), Mary – who Elena Gant and Tonya Banks terrorized did not initially warm to. Terra also takes a moment to react to Briana Renee’s “boudoir photo shoot,” which she says was ruined by hubby Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer]’s leering, slobbering commentary.

Terra begins by joking, “With typical Little Women antics at an all-time high, and hearts healing at an all-time low, it’s been a real rollercoaster. For this episode, every time you hear the words ‘fashion line,’ it’s drinking time!”


On a serious note, Terra expresses sympathy for Elena, who lost her father during filming this year. “Time is the only dose of medicine you can take when losing a parent. My heart feels for Elena and I pray that she stays strong through this hard time. There’s a special bond that all daughters have with their dads, and the memories made will always imprint our hearts forever.”

In her People blog, Terra goes on to discuss her role as resident instigator. “I find myself yelling obnoxiously more than I enjoy in this episode. Everyone is either mad at me, annoyed with me, or not wanting anything to do with me. If I said the drinking game was to drink every time someone said ‘Terra,’ you would most likely have to be hospitalized from alcohol poisoning. Ha!”

But Terra wasn’t exactly the center of the drama this week, as new model/fashion designer, Mary, became an early target with some of the women. Terra explains, “I thought for sure that Mary and Elena would hit it off. Instead, they mixed like oil and water. Sometimes when you combine strong women with similar interests, it works against them instead of for them. Our group should be open to new friends! Not only did Elena have an issue with Mary, but Tonya did too. Mary is very opinionated and enjoys tooting her own horn, but so do the rest of the girls.”

Tonya is known for disliking the newbies straight out of the gate (remember her first season with Jasmine Sorge?), but it was Elena who really took Mary to task over hurt feelings and perceived insults. Good thing the ladies struck a mini-truce by the end of last episode – but something tells me it won’t be all peace, love, and rainbows going forward. I mean, this is LWLA, after all. They live for messy drama!

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Speaking of messy, Terra reacts to Briana’s photo shoot next – and the grossest, most disturbing thing at it: Matt. “Briana’s photo shoot looked fun, but I couldn’t help but feel awkward and super bothered by Matt’s reaction to her look. It’s his wife and he should be able to compliment her, so why did I feel violated after watching that?”

AGREED. I don’t know if it was the predatory look in Matt’s eyes, or the lecherous words coming out of his mouth – but his presence made that (already awkward) photo shoot feel like a 2-bit peepshow. Then again, his mere presence in any scene brings the creep factor up several thousand notches. He is simply THE WORST. And I don’t know why Lifetime insists on torturing us with his mouth-breathing existence?

“On another note,” continues Terra about the photo shoot, “you never want to hear that you look ‘cute’ from the photographer when you’re half naked. That’s something I would tell my daughter when she’s crawling around without a diaper. Words like ‘cute,’ ‘precious,’ and ‘adorable’ can all be left out of the conversation when doing a nude photo shoot.”

Tonight is an all new episode of Little Women: LA.  “When Mary holds runway auditions for her London fashion show, Elena puts her on blast for not being authentic. As their argument escalates, Terra regrets inviting both ladies to an upcoming art show, for fear that their fight will reach a boiling point. Meanwhile, Briana gets the first glimpse at the photos from her racy photo shoot and Christy and Todd receive shocking results from his pre-op tests. When Briana arranges a lunch to ease tension with Jasmine, it back fires as Jasmine is ready to end their friendship altogether.” The fun starts at 9/8 CST!


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