Monique Samuels is certainly doing her part to make things interesting on this second season of The Real Housewives of Potomac! She continues to liven things up by blasting her co-star (and now-nemesis) Gizelle Bryant in her newest blog. Monique accuses Gizelle of living off her ex-husband and being totally obsessed with Monique’s money and possessions.

She doesn’t hold back when explaining her thoughts on Gizelle, “This woman is so money hungry it’s ridiculous. I’ve never met a woman who is so obsessed over my wealth, my homes, and my husband. She seriously needs to get a man!” 

Monique continues, “I just think it’s comical that she’s making comments about me and my husband’s bank account, which she knows nothing about, while she’s living off of her EX-HUSBAND at this very moment! Whatever arrangement she had in her previous marriage does not apply to me. She’ll never earn her own money because she clearly has no business sense. She said it herself last week, “They know business, I know beauty.” She’s way too old to be this clueless. Poor thing (no pun intended). I’m glad to be put in the same category as other bosses such as Scarface and the Godfather. Luckily I earn my living honestly, LOL! By the way, I love those movies!”

On Ashley Darby meddling in everyone’s relationships: “either express concerns one-on-one directly to the person or completely stay out of it. I don’t want to see Charrisse beat her to a pulp NJ style! Ashley, you know I love you girl, but come on!”

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When asked if she broke down to her pastor over Gizelle, she clarifies that she got emotional over her mother-in-law issues, not because of Gizelle! “I have always wanted a big happy family on both sides and it hasn’t been the case, so it breaks my heart. The judgment that Gizzealous displays is just another reminder of my mother-in-law. Out of respect for my husband, I DEAL with my mother-in-law. I DO NOT have to deal with Gizelle. Thank God for that!”

On a different note, she had only kind things to say regarding Charrisse and Gizelle sitting down with Robyn and addressing the weird relationship with Juan, “I thought it was a very mature act of friends offering their advice and support. This was a much better way to express their concern of Robyn and Juan’s relationship and to make sure she is really okay. If you are a real friend, you shouldn’t want them to “mind their business” because technically, you are their business. I didn’t think of this sit down as Charrisse and Gizelle being nosy, but they really wanted to comfort Robyn and gain more understanding of her and Juan’s living arrangement.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV