So far this season Karen Huger has stayed out of the Real Housewives of Potomac drama. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure her time is coming, but as of now she’s just observing the conflict, sharing her opinion, and throwing shade in response.

Karen has a lot to say about the “news” Ashley Darby revealed during the last episode about Juan Dixon dating other people… even though he and Robyn Dixon aren’t even a couple.


Truthfully, Ashley came across as a total shit stirrer when she “revealed” that Juan was “dating” other women. Maybe she just had a terrible delivery, but she really did seem like she was just trying to start some drama by upsetting Robyn. Karen wrote all about this in her last Bravo blog entry.

Karen admitted, “I know Ashley can be a pot stirrer, but not this time. I believe Ashley’s intentions concerning Robyn are coming from a very good place.” I don’t know about that last part. It just seems like Ashley was thirsting for camera time to me. If she was actually “concerned” she would have talked to Robyn privately….and away from the camera.

She continued, “Ashley had heard what she considered to be some NOT so nice things said about Juan and wanted to discuss it with Robyn. Unfortunately, before Ashley could speak to Robyn, Gizelle [Bryant] shared what Ashley had mentioned to her.”

Karen wrote, “What we ALL didn’t know until Robyn told us that at the cookout was that she and Juan are NOT in a relationship and that if he is dating others, that’s ok. Had Robyn said this before, we would not be having this conversation. COOL – now we know.” I cannot be the only one who actually bought Robyn’s “it’s fine” attitude in that scene. Obviously they aren’t actually a couple, but there’s no chance in hell that it doesn’t bother Robyn. I wasn’t believing that for a second.

Karen defended Ashley: “I can understand Ashley’s confusion and conviction, she is a very intelligent person who stands her ground if she believes she’s right. Ashley simply reacted the way she did because she only had half of the story. In Ashley’s mind, the cheating rumor coupled with the fact that Robyn had recently shared with us that Juan wants her to his girlfriend/wife again doesn’t exactly go hand in hand. Could Ashley’s timing have been better – possibly? On the other hand, maybe not? When is it ever a good time to tell your friend that you’ve heard infidelity rumors about her partner? It had to be difficult for Ashley, as she’d pondered whether or not to go to Robyn as the bearer of bad news. She was attempting to do what she thought was the right thing.”

Considering that Ashley has been shitting on Robyn and Juan non-relationship the entire season, I find it pretty tough to believe that she was coming from a place of kindness or concern.

On the other hand, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Gizelle actually do seem to care about Robyn and that intervention seemed genuine- which is not a word I ever expected to use describing Gizelle. Although I feel like the reality check was necessary, Karen wasn’t a fan of that conversation though. She said, “This sit down with Robyn is exactly what Robyn does NOT want. Robyn asks all of us time and time again to stay out of her relationship with Juan and to mind our own business.” Then don’t go on a reality show where your only story line is the fact that you live with your ex husband.

Karen maintained, “Personally, I respect her and our friendship enough to do just that. Robyn is a grown woman and she knows that I will be there for her when needed.” She added, “While I believe Gizelle and Charrisse mean well, they are not respecting Robyn’s wishes.” Yeah, but what else is there to talk to Robyn about? She has no other story line. Ever.

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