Eden Sasson Says Lisa Vanderpump Has A Big Ego; Plus - Insinuates She's Not That Charitable!

Eden Sassoon Continues Trash Talking Lisa Vanderpump; Dispenses Advice For Abby Lee Miller

The last person I would ever go to for advice is Eden Sassoon. She looked like an absolute fool during her short-lived time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anyone who is that easily manipulated by Lisa Rinna, is a person that I have trouble taking seriously. Nevertheless, we all know that Eden loves talking about situations that she has nothing to do with, so it’s really not a shock that she gave her two cents about Abby Lee Miller’s prison sentence.

And of course, she continues to talk about Lisa Vanderpump, who completely owned her and will always be a million times more relevant. Eden is backtracking on the tweets she wrote about Lisa – arguably the most genuinely philanthropic Real Housewife – not being charitable. This, after she was kicked off the show, she’s definitely grasping for relevancy.


While guest hosting The Tomorrow Show, Eden had a lot to say about shit she has nothing to do with…. as per usual. Yes, I get that she was a co-host and she was expected to comment on a variety of topics, but I cannot help laughing whenever Eden acts like she is an expert in anything.

About Abby Lee Miller planning to pretend she’s just filming a movie while in prison, Eden claimed, “Obviously the team at home is like ‘Oh, OK, we’re just going away for a year. We’re pretending we’re on set.’ She’s psychologically psyching herself out. It’s literally like the matrix. That’s a liar. That’s a thief. That’s not something people should do.” I can’t argue with Eden on that one: Abby sure is delusional. But come on, pot meet kettle.

It got weird when Eden mused, “And the punishment, I think, should be served. She [Abby Lee Miller] needs to go to Tony Robbins. Tony could knock her into shape. She’ll be like, ‘What the hell just happened to me?’ Hundred percent. Tony should visit people in jail and heal them before they come out. Tony – go visit Abby and get her on track.”

Getting back into Eden’s wheel house, she defended her blatant shit talking on Lisa Vanderpump. Eden claimed, “It was a really simple conversation and it was something I was saying in truth and obviously someone picked it up and ran wild with it. If you go back and you really look, which obviously press doesn’t do, I have never once said anything about Lisa Vanderpump but kind, nice, endearing, she’s this, she supports, I love, I support her, everything.” Did she not read her own tweets? She was intentional shit stirring.

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Eden continued to defend herself: “All I said was that she didn’t want to be a part of this organization that I was hosting at my salon. And they took it, and she took it, and she ran with it, and she was coming at me telling me like, ‘Oh that’s one thing you can’t say is that I’m not a philanthropist,’ and she was tweeting at me and then in one of her tweets she said, ‘Pick up the damn phone and call me.’ Um, I’m sorry, you have my number, call me. You started this.”

No, YOU started this. You’re the one who used Lisa’s name to get publicity.

Eden wasn’t done talking though. She alleged, “I would never say anything bad about her, and I never ever ever did once from up until this happened last week where she threw a bunch of stuff at me. And I sort of just posted a picture of my father and the queen and I said, ‘I’m pretty sure this is the real queen,’ just to sort of you know undermine the whole…like you’re not the queen we’re human. You are an incredible woman, and you give a lot, and I never said anything bad about you Lisa Vanderpump.

Right. That is “nice” and “endearing.” I totally see what you’re saying. Not.


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