Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga Restaurant

Well, they have gone from keeping everything OUT of the family, to keeping everything in the family. Teresa Giudice recently opened “Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza” with Joe and Melissa Gorga. Stranger things, right?

With Joe Giudice in prison, it seems like the whole Real Housewives of New Jersey fambly came together like an everything-on-it pizza. Poison revealed he is in communication with his incarcerated brother-in-law. Should I be awaiting some sort of fambly food fight? “Joe’s doing good,” Poison shared. “He is doing his thing. He is working out a lot and looking great!”


Melissa and Teresa, the twinning restaurant owners who now finish each other’s sentences and speak at the same time, both think owning the restaurant is great too. “It feels pretty good,” grinned Melissa. “We’ll see how everybody else feels about it.”

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Everybody else, like cousin-in-law Kathy Wakile, who recently announced plans to open her own family restaurant called Pizza Love, was iced out of this family one.

“Everyone’s gonna love it,” insisted a supremely confident Teresa. “Everyone’s gonna love our recipes.”

“They’re my mom’s recipes. My mom taught me to cook, and my dad’s an amazing cook,” Teresa told Extra. “We want to keep their legacy going. As you know, my mom’s not here with me anymore, but she’s here with me in spirit. This is what got us going to do this, is, you know, what happened to my mom.”

In RHONJ affairs, Teresa and Melissa recently returned from the cast trip to Milan.

“It was nice,” said Melissa. “Going to Milan, it’s not something we normally get to do together without our husbands, so we had a nice little sister-in-law trip.”

Apparently yoga was not needed to manage any Milanese drama. “I stretched in my room,” said Teresa, but Melissa stuck to wearing heels on thousand-year-old streets for exercise. Teresa is certified to teach yoga now. “That’s my passion.”

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Back to the restaurant, apparently we’re all going to want to eat everything up. Teresa gushed that the food is so good it’s “unspeakable.” Joe was far more elegant with his words. “It’s like an gorgasm waiting to happen, baby!” he exclaimed, as Teresa and Melissa both shrieked “NOOOOO!” A gorgasm, huh? Or poison, which I don’t think is good for anyone.


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