Vicki Gunvalson caught an employee stealing

It’s never unusual to hear about Vicki Gunvalson partying in Cabo. It’s basically her second home. The part of this story that is pretty alarming to the Real Housewives of Orange County fans is that there are whispers about her being there with her most notorious ex boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Vicki has adamantly denied the hang out claims. Multiple times.

Obviously, it’s annoying me that Brooks is the topic of conversation (again) and I feel like I’m adding to the annoyance by typing out his name, but at least it seems like Vicki is actually one hundred percent done with this scumbag. Or at least I hope so.


Even though Vicki and Brooks have been officially broken up for years, I’m sure her mentions are still full of his name. For the most part, Vicki ignores this, but this time she adamantly stood up for herself against the Brooks rumors.

Vicki tweeted, “Nice try!! No way!!” She continued, “People will say anything to get attention! I was with my girlfriends all weekend.” Plus, I bet this was filmed for the show, unless my perception of the timing is off. Vicki maintained, “Not true! Was there with my girlfriends!” in response to the accusations.

In response to a fan who tweeted, “Girl say it ain’t so! Not in Cabo w/CROOKS! They lying on ur name sis! #AddressThis #SOON,” Vicki replied, “OMG no!!”

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Aside from adamantly denying any sort of reconciliation with Brooks, Vicki called out a Twitter user who asked about it: “Attention seeker! I was at Cabo Wabo one night with my girlfriends and their friends.”

After a “fan” tweeted, “Thanks for finally setting record straight! I knew you wouldn’t do it,” Vicki replied, “Why would I? He’s moved on and so have I! We broke up 2 years ago.” Another person told Vicki, “You definitely were with that scum trying to hide,” but the OG of the OC just wasn’t having it. She asserted, “Excuse me?? I was with my girlfriends and he was NOT there! Get ur facts straight.”

OK. We get it. Vicki was there with friends. Vicki made that abundantly clear. Am I the only one who read her tweets in the same tone of voice (and volume) Vicki had when she screamed “I have not had multiple partners in my life” while she was on the top of that mountain?


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