Ramona Singer Talks Berkshires Blow-Up On The Jenny McCarthy Show; Admits She Regrets Attacking Bethenny Frankel

Ramona Singer Talks Berkshires Blow-Up On The Jenny McCarthy Show; Admits She Regrets Attacking Bethenny Frankel

After she saw herself go bananas on Bethenny Frankel in the Berkshires, Ramona Singer has a bit of ‘splainin to do. And The Real Housewives Of New York star visited The Jenny McCarthy Show on Sirius XM this week to do just that. She dished about her history with Bethenny, why the situation finally came to a head, and how Bethenny’s behind the scenes drama with her “sadistic” and “evil” ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, affected her behavior the entire season.

Ramona began by recounting the incident, and the emotions that led up to it. She explains, “I just lost it on her. I don’t even remember half the things I said. I had to wait to watch it to see. I was walking on eggshells. She wasn’t giving me an inch for months, so I was hoping at the Berkshires we could have some closure. And yeah, I was sh*t ass nervous! I was drinking all day long. Every time I’ve been around Bethenny, it’s nervous energy. I’m not really acting like myself.”

After Bethenny accused Ramona of being a bad friend to her, Ramona confesses, “She provoked me. I just saw red, purple, green, and yellow – every color of the rainbow. And I just lost it. I went on a tirade.”

In her interview, Jenny asks if Ramona’s issues with Bethenny go deeper than what we see? The short answer is yes. Ramona reflects on her 10-year friendship with Bethenny, in which she feels she’s been an advocate for her – exemplified by her attempting to broker peace between Bethenny and Jill Zarin, supporting her through her spinoffs, and standing by her through personal turmoil.

Ramona also explains why she brought up the “porn” to Bethenny in the first place. Claiming she’d only heard about the story days before seeing Bethenny in the Hamptons, she wondered how Bryn might be affected since her own daughter, Avery, was nearly expelled from school years ago over some RHONY controversy. Bethenny didn’t see it that way, however, citing Ramona as a sh*t stirrer rather than a concerned friend.

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Moving on, Jenny wants to know the answer to the question on everyone’s minds: what really went down in Dorinda Medley’s guest roomRamona says production had taped up lighting around the room, which was too bright. So, she ripped that sh*t down! Ramona claims that Bravo paid for all damages to Dorinda’s bedroom and has since repainted the walls. Has she apologized for the mess to Dorinda herself, though? She says yes.

As for Bethenny’s off-camera drama with her ex, Ramona thinks it “took a huge toll on her emotionally. And he was emotionally abusing her. See, and I wish I had known that – I had no idea! No one shared with me what she was going through. If you have an ex-husband who is trying to manipulate and hurt you through your child, you can go nuts over that. Had I known that, I would have handled things differently. I would have had more compassion.” Ramona adds, “He’s actually very sadistic in what he does to her, and I’ve seen some of the things he’s said. It’s very evil, in my opinion.”

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During the interview, I even had a chance to call in and ask Ramona some questions of my own! I wondered what we don’t see on camera when it comes to Ramona’s friendship with Bethenny. In short, why does she even want to remain friends with her?

Ramona explains, “I think I’m a caretaker person, and Bethenny is crying for love. She’s been so hurt, and she’s kind of been brought up alone. You know, when she was really ill, she was like ‘I’m all alone in this world.’ So I would like to be there for her because to me, my friends are my family. And down deep, there really are good parts of her.”

“And come on, she’s sh*t-ass funny! She’s up for anything. When Bethenny’s in a good place, she’s unbelievable. And she can be a good friend to people. We’re a lot alike too. Sometimes people who are alike butt heads,” says Ramona.

But butting heads in the Berkshires isn’t something Ramona is proud of. She admits, “If I could take it all back and erase it, I would do it in a heartbeat. I really hurt her, and it was never my intention. That’s what I really regret.”


Photo Credit: The Jenny McCarthy Show