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The original home from Summer House didn’t survive from Season 1 to Season 2 and neither did two main cast members and by that I just mean that their reality TV stardom is over (or at least halted). Unfortunately they will no longer be an official part of the show, but might just be hanging around with their friends.

That would annoy me if I were them, but I guess they have to take what they can get. And who knows if they were actually fired or if they quit for some reason. Most likely, it was the former, but you never know. Not everyone’s real career is suited for reality TV.

According to an article from Page Six, Cristina Gibson and Everett Weston are no longer cast members. The Cristina thing doesn’t surprise me too much since she argued with the entire cast during the show’s first season. Then again, she was the only one who consistently brought drama (albeit annoying drama) to the series. The part that does surprise me is that Cristina has been posting photos hanging out with the cast lately. Wait. I thought they all hated her? I guess not.  Time really does heal all wounds (even petty, dramatic ones). Or maybe they’re looking for a story line. I guess we will find out whenever Season 2 airs.

Since Everett is still dating and living with Lindsay Hubbard (as far as I can tell), I assume he will be on the show a bunch too. Plus he actually brought some substance to the series so it would be shame for him to disappear completely.

Maybe downgrading his role means that we will be subjected to less lovers’ quarrels. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping. Other evidence that Everett will most likely be on the show next year includes an Instagram post about a fundraising event that he hosted with (former?) cast mate Kyle Cooke that included a prize to be in the Watch What Happens Live audience. So clearly he is on good terms with the cast and Bravo.

I wonder if anyone will replace Everett and Cristina as official cast members or if the focus will just shift elsewhere. In my opinion, Stephen McGee deserves way more screen time than he got last year. Either way it makes sense to “cut” two people that will probably be around anyway. It sounds like a fiscally responsible move to me.

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