Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan Reacts To Her Surprise Marriage & Accuses Her Of Dating Her Now-Husband While They Were Still Together

When I first heard that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore got secretly married, one of my initial thoughts was “I hope she’s not married to Matt Jordan.” I hate to be a hater, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one who was thinking that. Now I just want to know who she actually married since she’s keeping that one tightly under wraps, but I guess I still have to wait for that. Aside from that I couldn’t help wondering what Matt thought about the surprise marriage.

I didn’t have to wonder for too long though since Matt did what he always does when it comes to Kenya. He shared his thoughts on Instagram, of course.

True to form, Matt had no qualms about lashing out on social media. In a lengthy Instagram post full of irritating grammar mistakes, Matt wrote, “As if the embarrassment from the show wasn’t enough. The false allegations of domestic violence, the unwarranted restraining order, the loss of business opportunities, money. My personal & professional image. I can deal with that. losing my queen is a low blow I never want to feel again.”

Matt continued with the rant: “Finding out she is married from a stranger online. Realizing it’s to someone she was seeing during your relationship…. this is definitely the season of losses for ya boy. TKO!!” I’m sure that had to sting, but Matt was no angel…

Still, he seems to be pretty devastated, writing “I made alot of mistakes, but I loved & cherished her. I can’t lie the news of this rocked me.” Apparently the news “rocked” him so much that he forgot about punctuation.

He concluded, “I pray her heart is in good hands. Take care of her. She was everything to me. Just requesting to be left alone after this people. The fight for her heart is over. I lost!! #tko” Damn. That’s pretty emotional. It was unnecessary and draws a lot of attention to someone who claims that he wants “to be left alone after this.” Let’s hope he actually means this and stops lashing out at Kenya in public forums. It’s getting old. Well, actually it’s been old news for a while at this point.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]