Kenya Moore Explains Why She Didn’t Get Married For Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cameras

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14052 -- Pictured: Kenya Moore -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)
WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14052 -- Pictured: Kenya Moore -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)


As time goes by, Kenya Moore shares more details about her surprise wedding to Marc Daly. As expected, she’s really milking this for all that she can by releasing one piece of information at a time. This wedding alone has produced so many stories so I can’t even imagine how she’s going to stretch this out for a Real Housewives of Atlanta story line. It’s just so shocking that she didn’t actually film the wedding for the show. I would have bet anything that she would be all about that idea.

I don’t know if she was genuinely trying to keep this private or if she’s just “keeping it private” so she can share little bits and pieces to create more stories for the media. Truthfully, I suspect the latter, but here I am eating it all up and reading every bit of news that pops up. You got me hooked on this story, Kenya. SMH, me.

Kenya spoke to People (again) to reveal even more about her “private wedding.” Clearly it’s not that private since she’s done 98374395739 interviews about it at this point and there’s definitely more to come.

Even though it seems like she got married out of nowhere and did so pretty quickly considering that they only started dating in December, Kenya admits, “I probably would have married him in 30 days, the feeling was that strong. But we wanted to wait and get to know each other and make sure it wasn’t an infatuation. We needed to make sure it was actually real.” And apparently it only took a couple months for them to figure that out.

So why wasn’t it on camera? Kenya publicly talked (again) about keeping her wedding “private.” Kenya explained, “He didn’t sign up for this world, I did. Every time someone has been associated with me, they attack that person – immediately going after them, trying to bring them down and saying crazy things. They tear people apart. And so for [Marc], he was like, ‘This is about me and you — it’s not about me or you.’ He just wanted it to be about our pure love and not about him.” But apparently all of these wedding-related interviews are “about the pure love.”

Kenya preached, “For him, it’s about being my protector and my best friend  — not being someone that stands next to me, but someone who supports me and is okay with being behind me sometimes. He doesn’t want my money, he doesn’t want my fame, he doesn’t want my success — he just wants my heart, and he has it.”

The Housewife continued,  “I’ve never been that girl and I will never be that girl. Which is why, if it’s not what I feel in my heart and my soul, I will not do it. I will not do it for cameras, I will not do it for somebody else to feel good about who I am. I have to do it for myself.” And the multiple People interviews.

Kenya discussed the possibility of her new husband appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta: “I think we have to make that decision together if the opportunity comes. We just got married — we haven’t even talked about that stuff before. I’m sure we will make the right decision. But right now, I’m enjoying being a bride and a newlywed.” Really? You are a reality TV star on a show (that has started filming a new season) with the word “housewives” in the title and you never discussed this with your new husband? Right…

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]