Lydia McLaughlin Says Peggy Sulahian Is “Confusing And Opinionated”; Says Gretchen Rossi Returns To “Talk About Tamra”

Unfortunately, Lydia McLaughlin is back on Real Housewives of Orange County this season. Last time she pretty much had no story line other than yelling at Slade Smiley after he told her to eat  burger and relying on her hilarious mom to entertain the viewers.

This time around, Lydia is all about the pot stirring and the self-promoting. She is either low key stirring up drama or promoting her magazine.

Lydia talked about her return to the show during an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. When asked, “Why did you decide to come back now?” Lydia said, “I was just at a really cool place in my life. I had an interesting story to tell. My husband and I just started a magazine, Nobleman Magazine. I have a blog: OC Lydia. So we had cool things in our life to talk about that we felt comfortable talking about.” So she just came back to promote her businesses?

To be fair she also said, “I left the show and had a baby. The baby now is two and a half, so he’s not as attached to me. So it just was the right time.” Lydia also claimed, “Every year we would have the conversation ‘Should I come back? What’s going on in your life?’ and this is the year where it was like ‘This is what’s going on and I’m ready to tell it.’ So away we went.” I find it hard to believe that anyone was begging for Lydia to return.

The weirdest thing about Lydia’s return is that she appears to have no idea what is going on. She has been on this show and she has access to television and the internet, so it’s pretty wild that she just had no clue that Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador cannot stand Vicki Gunvalson. When asked, “Did you have any idea that was going on?” Lydia claimed, “I really didn’t. I didn’t keep up with everything and I think that was hard for me. That’s what I say to Tamra at the Bible study on my first episode is ‘My last memory is you girls laughing.'” Lydia insisted, “For me it was like there’s a lot of love there. You guys are family. Talk it out.” She finally admitted, “I understand the relationship or lack of relationship better.”

Lydia is the one who introduced the new girl Peggy Sulahian to the group- which is so weird because we literally saw them meet for the same time on camera and Peggy has zero history with anyone in the cast. Lydia describes Peggy by saying, “She definitely is confusing at times and opinionated. She is strong!”

She also teased, “You will see a lot of the women having issues with her and she has a backbone and she sometimes finds it hard to find the words to express herself. So I’m curious to see the fans’ reaction to her.”

Lydia also said, “I really love her. I think she’s a good girl. She’s a great mom. She has a great marriage. Her husband is awesome.”

Annoyingly enough, Lydia continued to play the innocent act and describe her presence on the show as “a light,” which is both pretentious and inaccurate. Lydia said, ” Even the episode when I met Shannon, I’m trying to be a light and that gets misread as being a pot stirrer.” No misreading here. Definite pot stirring.

Another pot stirrer who is set to return to the show is Gretchen Rossi. Lydia revealed that Gretchen comes back with a mission in mind: “She comes back for one episode. She comes to Vicki’s birthday party. She obviously doesn’t get along with Tamra super well, so she comes back to maybe talk about that to Vicki. I don’t know, I wasn’t there.” I cannot wait to see that one.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]