Lydia McLaughlin Thinks Vicki Gunvalson & Tamra Judge’s Friendship Can Be Restored; Insists She Wasn’t Trying To Cause Drama At The Quiet Woman

Even though Lydia McLaughlin returned to Real Housewives of Orange County under the guise of being a self-proclaimed “friendship whisperer,” she’s come across as more of a shit stirrer than anything. Weeks after the episode with Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd’s confrontation at the Quiet Woman aired, Lydia is still defending herself and insisting that she didn’t intend to cause drama. Sure, Lydia. Likely story…

Aside from shamelessly promoting her magazine, her main story line this season is her supposed quest to reunite the friendships in the cast- even though she herself never kept in touch with Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge when she left the show and she isn’t close to anyone in the cast. It all seems way out of bounds for her take on, but she is still really pushing this “friendship whisperer” nonsense.

In her Bravo blog post about the last episode, Lydia declared, “The sip and see event couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. Of course I wanted all the ladies to come to my Nobleman event, but I wanted to make sure they could all be in the same room without causing a scene.” Please. As if she wasn’t going to invite the entire cast anyway. Obviously she wants the cameras at her event so having everyone there is the best way to guarantee exposure for her magazine.

Meghan Edmonds‘ party for her baby was the first time that the entire cast has been in the same location this season so it was a pretty big deal and the tension was palpable. Lydia said, “Of course I was anticipating Tamra and Vicki speaking and seeing each other for the first time. There wasn’t a hug, but I still have hope for their friendship to be restored.” As strange as it sounds given all of the mud slinging back and forth, it’s never wise to count out a Real Housewives friendship. Women who have done awful things to each other have reconciled over and over again on these shows.

And of course, Lydia is still talking about her role in the Quiet Woman showdown and insists that she is innocent. She wrote, “I was happy to see the whole issue of the Quiet Woman and me inviting Kelly being addressed again. I didn’t feel like the whole story was told, as I did tell Tamra and Shannon I had invited Kelly and never was trying to be secretive about that (note the beach flashback). However, I never invited Kelly thinking it would explode the way it did.” Really? What was she expecting? She has been on this show and these people all made it clear that they can’t stand each other. Did she expect them to alternate buying rounds of drinks and go halfsies on appetizers?

Nevertheless, Lydia continued, “I told Tamra and Shannon I had invited Kelly, but she had told Peggy [Sulahian] and me she had made plans and was on a boat with some of her out-of-town friends. It was never my intention to cause drama and when Kelly walked in, I was just as surprised as everyone.” Really? Not only did Lydia invite her, but she also called her again to remind her that they would be at the restaurant when she and Peggy were en route. How surprised could she have been? Clearly Kelly was very much on her radar that night.

Lydia said, “I am glad Tamra says she knows my heart and believes that I just didn’t know all the history between everyone, because that is the truth.” Again, I can’t help wondering why she didn’t watch the show before coming back or why she just didn’t listen when she was told very clearly who is friends with who by everyone involved. Oh right, to stir shit up because she is the friendship whisperer.

At the end of the blog, Lydia teased, “I would say Meghan’s sip and see is an awkward step in the right direction for these friendships to repair… I suppose time will tell.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]