Meghan, Tamra, Shannon talk about Vicki

The party Meghan Edmonds had for her newborn baby during the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was beyond awkward. Sure, it was a beautiful event, but meeting baby Aspen was eclipsed by all the drama between the cast since this was the first time all season that they were all in the same room.

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge are still doing what they can to ignore Vicki Gunvalson, even though they are all on the same reality TV show together. Peggy Sulahian is still being super rude and making zero sense. It was a relatively calm episode in comparison to others this season, but there was still a lot going on.

In her Bravo blog, Meghan recalled, “The tension was definitely THICK all day, and it was so awkward to see everyone on the couch together while I opened presents, but I’m happy that we got through the day with no drama. Maybe Aspen should be at every event! Ha!”

That baby is just so cute, so I would be down for her appearing at other parties and going on cast trips. Anyway, back to the tension.

It was kind of surprising that Meghan invited Peggy to the event since she had the nerve to physically close Meghan’s lips shut during the previous episode, but Meghan explained, “I do still feel that Peggy was in the wrong for pinching my lips, but I know what it’s like to be the new girl and potentially make a bad first impression, so I wanted to include her at the Sip-N-See to give her another chance.”

Meghan said what most of the viewers have been thinking this whole season: “It’s just so difficult to understand her sometimes.”

Peggy’s mixed up metaphors, offensive jokes, and rudeness are making Kelly Dodd look like a debutante in comparison. Meghan continued, “When she was saying that I was trying to wake up a dead horse and I should let it stay dead—what?! The whole time I was on the phone with her, I was confused. When she asked if I knew what ‘ears ringing’ meant (yes, I know what it means), I didn’t understand that she had just been talking about me. I simply thought that she was asking an awkwardly-timed question. ”

Fair enough. So far a lot of the things Peggy says have been poorly timed or just nonsensical in general so that does make sense, but at the same time, Meghan should have at least suspected that Peggy was just talking about her when she brought up the phrase “ears ringing.” After all, that is what it means.

Meghan continued, “Peggy was hardly talking into the receiver on her phone, so it was hard to hear her on top of not fully understanding. I didn’t even realize that Diko [Sulahian] was there the whole time and that she was actually talking to him while she was on the phone with me. If I hadn’t been so confused, I would have thought it was very rude to be having a side conversation after accepting my phone call.” It was rude.

Then, Meghan turned her attention to Kelly‘s attempts to make peace with Tamra and Shannon, “I’m glad that Tamra, Shannon and Kelly all sat down together to talk.” Still, she didn’t pass up the chance to shade Kelly. She remarked, “It was interesting, though, to hear Kelly say that she was going to apologize to Shannon because Shannon never apologizes. Did I hear that correctly? Because what did Shannon do at the Quiet Woman that she should apologize for (other than throwing the plate, but wasn’t she led to that point by Kelly)?”

Shannon definitely took that restaurant confrontation to another level, but it wasn’t solely in response to Kelly. Shannon is also the one who started it. When Kelly innocently walked into the bathroom, Shannon was extremely rude to her and that is what instigated the hot mess chain of events. They were both wrong that night and apologies were owed all around.

Meghan wrote, “Things were still uncomfortable between Tamra, Shannon and Vicki, but at least things were progressing with Kelly. I understand why Tamra and Shannon are still hesitant and don’t want to make up with Vicki, but I wanted to try to move on with her, which is why I included her at the Sip-N-See. It’s hard for me to be peripheral friends with someone, and if I’m going to be cordial and move on with Vicki, then I thought maybe it would be a good idea to get some things off my chest with her.”

Meghan gest it: it is ridiculous to be on a reality TV show with people and refuse to interact with them. Sure, it’s tricky that this “job” and real life blur in a confusing way, but it is still a job at the end of the day and these women are coworkers.

In real life, I completely get why Tamra and Shannon would never want to talk to Vicki. She spread rumors about Tamra’s husband being in the closet and Shannon’s husband “beating the shit out of her.” Those are two completely valid reasons to ostracize Vicki… in real life. It just doesn’t work on a reality TV show. Tamra and Shannon ignoring Vicki’s existence doesn’t make any sense for RHOC. I’m not trying to watch two different shows with cameo appearances from the less relevant cast members on each, but this is  essentially what we’ve been subjected to so far this season.

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