Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean was more than I ever hoped it would be. It was truly the gift that kept on giving. There was just so much drama on that boat. One person who had a lot of problems both during the season and after filming wrapped is Bobby Giancola.

His old hookup Lauren Cohen joined the cast and already hated him before the first charter even sailed. He and Hannah Ferrier had the most off the rails argument during their total train wreck of an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Both ladies had completely different stories than Bobby shared so they’ve been shading each other on social media and in interviews this whole time.

Bobby took time to clear the air when he appeared on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. Of course he had to address that instantly infamous Watch What Happens Live appearance with Hannah. Bobby admitted, “There are so many things that happened prior to filming that it was kind of just pent up. When she’s doing the same thing over and over and over again and you don’t know why, but it’s hard to say it because if you say it, I look like I am the cocky guy that thinks every chick wants him, which is not the case. To me what was so frustrating was when we would do separate interviews or even just out on the streets together, Hannah and I, people would be like ‘Are you to ever going to get together?’ I would always be light with it: ‘No we’re like brother and sister'”

Bobby continued, “Yet when she would would belittle me, shoot me down, act like she was never into me, make fun of my appearance in a way like I’m not attractive enough for her, and I got sick of it. When Watch What Happens Live happened- I’m not the best at live TV, let’s be real here- and my emotions got the best of me. Seeing the clip and dealing with what she said the day before, I just let it all out and I let it all out in a poor way. So now I’m dealing with it.” That episode definitely wasn’t the best look for Bobby…

Still, Bobby insists that he’s not a bad guy and said, “I want people to know that what they see from me is real and I tell the truth. I don’t have time for lies because I learned at a young age that when you lie, it’s much worse when it’s found out and lies are always found out. “

He’s actually so frustrated with the fan opinion about him that he admitted, “I ask sometimes on social media like ‘How can I prove it to you?’ I can’t tell you how many private phone calls I’ve had with complete strangers just to tell them what’s going on.” Once again, he maintained, “My conscience is well at night knowing that I am the honest one.”

Not only does Bobby insist that he is the “honest one” in his ongoing feud against Hannah, but he also feels the same about his issues with Lauren (shocking, I know). Bobby shared, “A couple things with Lauren set me off. She wouldn’t let me speak [at the reunion]. Andy [Cohen] asked me a question and I’m trying to answer as smoothly and as fast as I can without saying something stupid and she just keeps wanting to chime in and interrupt and interrupt. That’s what was so frustrating and the whole time she was just adding on top of her lies. It just blows my mind that literally a hand grab away is my phone with miles of text messages.” Post the receipts, Bobby. 

Bobby continued to go in on Lauren by discussing her hookup with Below Deck Med alum Ben Robinson that happened in between Season 1 and 2: “Another thing she added on the reunion was that she said Ben played her. She played Ben with me as well. She was texting me saying ‘I miss you’ and ‘I like you. Show or no show, I want to see you.’ So I screen shot that and actually sent it to her.” 

Apparently Lauren wasn’t fazed by that since Bobby alleged, “She said ‘You know what’s funny? I was with Ben when I texted you that.’ And I go, ‘Did you literally just admit to me that you cheated on Ben telling me that you miss me and you like me?’ Like, really?”

Aside from his own drama, Bobby also discussed the Malia White love triangle with Wes Walton and Adam Glick. He said, “Adam wants to say he doesn’t love her anymore. Well, I think he does. I think he does still have strong feelings for her.” 

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]