Teen Mom 2 is trucking along and it’s a lot of the same old same old. Kailyn Lowry and ex Javi Marroquin were on good terms as of last episode, but we all knew that wouldn’t last long and low and behold, it hasn’t thanks to Javi requesting child support. Briana DeJesus is still feeling stressed and overwhelmed that baby daddy Luis isn’t stepping up to the plate and having an upcoming baby shower doesn’t change that. Leah Messer is seeing Ali’s specialist to get some answers on her recent breathing issues and Chelsea DeBoer is guiding Aubree through her last day of first grade. Finally, we have Jenelle Evans and the never ending drama between her and mother Barb about seeing Jace. It’s not quite as bad as last week’s blow up but clearly, there are plenty of leftover feelings in play.

Starting with Kail and Javi, Kail decides that since they are cool (for now), Javi can come over and spend some time with the boys. How nice of her! She is also relieved he’s coming over because she has a lot to do. While she starts to paint the baby’s room, Javi takes Isaac and Lincoln outside and helps Isaac learn to ride his bike. It’s going great and Javi has to ask Kail to come outside to see. She agrees but tells him to make it quick. Once she sees Isaac riding, she is super excited for him and Javi dutifully runs beside him in the street, making sure he’s safe from falling.

Unfortunately, the day is short lived because Javi just filed for child support, unbeknownst to Kail. He tells his friend that he’s not trying to make Kail go broke, but he wants to make sure Lincoln is taken care of now and in the future.

A few days later, Kail is served the paperwork and she’s upset like Javi knew she would be. She doesn’t understand why he is even asking for financial and medical support when he has free child care with his parents plus health insurance through his job. Javi tries to tell her that he’s doing this as a savings for Lincoln’s future but the only conclusion that Kail can come to is that he’s doing it out of spite.


Briana is planning on having a small baby shower for close family and friends and it’s all dawning on Roxanne that adoption is off the table. Briana explains that she just doesn’t have it in her to go through a whole legal process fighting Luis when he will object to the adoption anyway. Roxanne still isn’t convinced Luis will be stepping up since he still hasn’t contributed financially. As much as she wants to give him credit for showing up to a few doctor’s appointments, that’s really not enough at this stage of the game. Briana agrees that he’s not mentally, financially or physically prepared.

Later, Briana shops for last minute decorations for the party and tells her friend Shirley how none of her family knows about Luis cheating on her and them not being together. She doesn’t want to deal with it at the shower, so she texts Luis, telling him that he needs to keep up the appearance that they are still together. He agrees, but it doesn’t sit well with Briana that she even has to do this to begin with.

At the house the rented for the shower, Briana’s grandmother goes on and on about how nice she thinks Luis is and how well he treated her and Briana in the brief interaction she had with him. Grandma finishes by saying that she thinks it would be a beautiful thing to have both father and mother in the picture for this baby and you can see Briana starting to crack a little with these words. The shower hasn’t even started and she’s already stressed out about Luis coming. She tells Roxanne how annoyed she is and Roxanne gets pissed, saying she should be grateful for everyone coming together to support her at her shower. Briana cries alone in the kitchen, overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Leah is in Columbus with Ali to see her specialist about her breathing issues. As the walk into the hospital from the parking garage, Ali stumbles a few times, but insists she can walk on her own without Leah carrying her. Once inside, Dr. Tsao orders heart and lung tests since Muscular Dystrophy is associated with those issues. Leah sits with Ali during all of her testing, anxiously waiting for answers.

Once everything is completed, Dr. Tsao comes in with good news – no heart or lung issues came up during testing and he believes that Ali’s breathing is likely due to allergies and can be managed with an inhaler and some medication. Leah is relieved and as they leave, she immediately calls Corey Simms to tell him they got cleared.


At Chelsea’s house, Aubree is about to have her last day of first grade and she looks adorable in her camo jacket and hair braided. When Chelsea picks her up at the end of the day, she has a little party kazoo to blow for her in celebration and takes her home to bake a cake for the occasion.

Chelsea’s sister is in town from Florida so she brings the kids to her mom’s house to visit. Out on the back porch, the talk turns to the wedding reception and Chelsea says they will likely find a local place where they can throw up a tent and enjoy. Chelsea’s sister thinks this is an awful idea since it will be October in South Dakota but Chelsea insists they can put up heating lamps. This obviously isn’t the response Chelsea needed to hear, given the reception is only four months away and I don’t blame her for being annoyed at the unsolicited advice.


Jenelle is all about Mother’s Day this year and everyone has to know about it. She wanted to have Jace for the day but given the blow out from last week, Barb isn’t returning her calls or texts about it. Jenelle complains to fiancé David Eason that all of the kids get to be with their moms on Mother’s Day except for Jace and David eggs her on by saying how awful Barb is. David assumes that Barb is doing this to spend as much time as possible with Jace because she knows she will lose custody of him in their upcoming court case.

But Jenelle’s visitation woes aren’t over because later, she finds out that Nathan Griffith’s parents are going to be away for the next two weekends and since Nathan has to have supervised custody with Kaiser, now he won’t see him for three weeks. Jenelle wants to offer a visitation meeting in Wilmington so that doesn’t happen, but David, controlling as ever, snaps at her that she doesn’t need to do Nathan any favors. Jenelle backs down and then they argue over the fact that she has to sit outside watching him put down grass when she wants to be doing something for Mother’s Day, which is tomorrow by the way. David curses at her and she stomps inside. The Producer runs in to check on her and Jenelle decides pouting in bed is more worthwhile than going out and doing something without David.

The next day, they have made up and David has Kaiser help him make a chalk board message for Jenelle, which she loves. Barb finally calls to see if she wants to see Jace today but on one condition: David can’t be there. According to Barb, Jace said he doesn’t want to see them if David is there. Can you blame him after the last incident? Jenelle doesn’t believe it’s Jace saying this but Jace refuses to come to the phone and talk anyway, so Jenelle snaps that Jace better get used to David being around since he’s not going anywhere. Barb hangs up on Jenelle, then calls the Producer, who is unwilling to be the go-between in this battle and hands the phone off to Jenelle. They argue some more, with Barb calling David an a**hole and saying she doesn’t want him to be there either since he’s always filming her, trying to catch her doing something wrong. Coincidentally, David is filming their phone conversation as Jenelle berates Barb by saying she’s the grandmother and she needs to know her place.
I’m not sure what place that is but I think we can all agree it’s not a good one.


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