Lydia McLaughlin Doesn’t Think Kelly Dodd Or Meghan Edmonds Is Innocent In Their Feud; Felt Uncomfortable At The Drag Show

After weeks of stirring the pot, Lydia McLaughlin has taken a step back during the past couple episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County. Instead, Meghan King Edmonds stepped up to the plate, resurrecting old arguments and relaying information to Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge.

And it all came to head with an argument between Meghan and Kelly Dodd at drag queen bingo. Lydia was visibly uncomfortable at the event and that was before all the arguing went down. It was her first time around drag queens and there is no doubt that she will be asked about her discomfort at the reunion. When the arguing began, Lydia couldn’t take it anymore, even though she has been on this show before. Shouldn’t she know that there is always an argument at every group gathering? Apparently not.

Lydia shared her thoughts on the last episode in her Bravo blog. At first it was all good for Lydia. She wrote, “This night was a turning point (so I thought…) for Shannon and me. She was making me laugh and we were joking with one another and I felt like we were starting to form a real friendship. Even when I made her claim bingo and she had to take a spanking, we were laughing and she was being such a good sport about it all.”

Then she addressed her discomfort with the drag queens: “I take my faith very serious. It is personal and affects (hopefully) every part of who I am. I never want my religion to be a gimmick or storyline, but just a part of who I am. I think everyone has conversations of faith and belief, I just happen to be on a reality show. I always want to be open minded and known for love. After talking to Doug and some of my other close friends that I respect, I decided to go with the girls to drag queen bingo. I can’t help that I felt uncomfortable.”

Lydia continued, “With the physic constantly putting down Vicki [Gunvalson] and the bingo having sexual jokes constantly, all while dressing as a man, I was at my max. Once the girls started in on each other about affairs, I knew I needed to excuse myself. I wasn’t involved in the conversation and really didn’t want to make a scene, I just wanted to leave. I view marriage as a sacred relationship, and to hear them accusing one another was too much for me.”

Was it the arguing between the girls or the setting she was in? Maybe a combination of both.

Lydia shared her commentary on the argument: “Watching the fight between Meghan and Kelly, I do see both sides. Meghan was the one who accused Kelly of having an affair first, and then Kelly retaliated. When I came back to the table, Kelly was alone and all the other girls were consoling Meghan. I didn’t hear Kelly attacking Meghan’s choices as a mother, and I’m sure Kelly regrets saying that. Watching the fight, I like how Shannon tried to explain to Kelly that that’s a vicious comment and over the line.”

Lydia explained, “I don’t think either Meghan or Kelly are innocent in the fight. I feel like Meghan started it, but Kelly ended it by trying to hurt Meghan in return. I didn’t know she had said all that, as I had excused myself. Watching it back, it is hard to see. These woman have become my sincere friends. I think it was big of Meghan to say goodbye to Kelly at the end, and I hope that they can repair their friendship.” That is highly unlikely.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]