Danielle Staub

Boy some things have changed on Real Housewives Of New Jersey! Once upon a time, Danielle Staub was Teresa Giudice‘s mortal enemy, and Teresa was BFF with Jacqueline Laurita. Now, Jacqueline is completely out of the picture, and the woman Teresa once labeled a “prostitution whore” has become her bestie.

“Everything aligned perfectly,” Danielle gushed of her decision to return to RHONJ after a lengthy absence. Danielle’s decision was impacted after she bonded with Teresa over yoga and realized there would be no more table flips or country club shake downs. I am sure it did not hurt that Teresa and Danielle were also able to bond over running Jacqueline off.

Of course learning to trust Teresa wasn’t easy. “We had a hard time. We had a long road back to each other,” Danielle admitted. “So it’s really amazing to have this side of her again in my life and the rest of the cast, too.”  A softer side of Danielle? No more home-made pornos or hookups in the bathroom? No more stripper-robics with Kim G?! Yes, please!

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“We’re really good,” Danielle continued. “I just don’t think there’s going to be any problems between she and I. I don’t think that anyone would want to do that to us again.”

Danielle is also on good terms with Melissa Gorga. There’s long been rumors that when Melissa joined RHONJ in season 3 she enlisted Danielle to conspire against Teresa. Melissa has always denied it and Danielle has never presented any proof – apparently she doesn’t plan to. (For now.)

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Well Danielle and Teresa getting along doesn’t mean RHONJ is drama-free. Far from it! Danielle bragged of “so much [drama] that you guys are going to be sitting at the edges of your seats.”

“Get the popcorn ready,” she joked to Us Weekly.

Apparently, Danielle will get into a mess with Dolores Catania over the Manzos, and there will be issues with Siggy Flicker as well. I guess we’ll find out soon right?!


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