Jacqueline Laurita Discusses Departure From Real Housewives Of New Jersey; Still In Touch With Siggy Flicker & Dolores Catania

Whether you loved her or hated her, Jacqueline Laurita was the main source of drama on Real Housewives of New Jersey last year. Without her antics, there would have been nothing to tweet about and nothing for the ladies to argue about at the reunion. Sure, it was tough to watch most of the time, but she at least gave the fans something to have an opinion about… even if your opinion wasn’t positive.

Nevertheless, even the most die hard fans of the show have to admit that it was in a real rut last season so it will be interesting to see how things play out now that Jacqueline is out of the picture.

The OG cast member opened up about her departure from RHONJ in an interview with Page Six. She confirmed that she wasn’t exactly fired. Instead, they gave her the option to be a part-time cast member with the potential to upgrade if she brought enough drama to the show.

She explained, “They had given me a start date. A couple days later they expressed concern that I wasn’t getting along with a few of the girls and they were like, ‘How’s this going to look authentic if you don’t want to be hanging out with each other?’” But apparently it’s alright when the cast members on RHOC refuse to hang out with Vicki Gunvalson even though they’re all on the same show? Interesting difference there.

Jacqueline continued, “They wanted me to come on and start filming part-time to see how the story line unfolded and then [said they] maybe would make me full-time.” Considering how much controversy Jacqueline caused last year, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t offer a full-time role upfront. Obviously she was not getting along with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga at all, but even they can (probably) see the value she has as an antagonist on the show… or at least that’s what I assume.

Jacqueline said,  “They weren’t guaranteeing full-time, so for me to film all season long under all that stress and drama to not have a guaranteed full-time [spot] was not worth it for me, so I said no.” Fair enough. That’s such a slap in the face to downgrade an original cast member- especially one who is guaranteed to bring drama.

Even though RHONJ is and will always be the Teresa Giudice show, it still would have made sense for Jacqueline to be a part of the cast since she admitted, “I still talk to Siggy [Flicker] and Dolores [Catania] all the time, that friendship will never change.” Nevertheless, she does seem somewhat relieved to “be on the outside” of all the drama… For now. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Jacqueline was asked back for another season in the future, so I guess we shall see how the next season plays out and what happens after that.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]