Teresa Giudice Still Angry With Joe Giudice For Ruining Their Lives; Denies Having Boyfriend While Joe Is In Prison

TOWACO, NJ - JANUARY 13: RHONJ Teresa Giudice Poses For A Portrait At Her Home on January 13, 2017 in Towaco, New Jersey. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey is poised to return October 4, so we know what that means…press tours for Teresa Giudice! In a recent interview, Teresa touches on the themes that have run her life for the past several years: fraud, prison, and hustling for money.

While Joe Giudice serves his sentence in New Jersey’s Fort Dix Correctional Institution, Teresa is back home trying to earn a buck to support their four daughters. Bravo paychecks, ghost written memoirs, and paid promotional appearances are keeping the family afloat for now – but how long will it last? According to Teresa, it better last a while, because she doesn’t want to depend on Joe for anything ever again!

“Will I still be married to Joe in 40 years? I have no idea,” Teresa tells US Weekly in an interview about her new memoir, Standing Strong, in which she admitted she’s still angry with Joe for landing both of them in the clink.

“I know he didn’t mean to do it intentionally, but I’m still mad at the situation,” says Teresa, who plans on keeping her finances separate from Joe in the future. “I’m never signing anything ever again,” she says of the lessons she learned from her fraud indictment. “I think we should keep things separate. So in that way, we kinda will be divorced.”

Though she doesn’t plan on divorcing Joe (yet!), Teresa claims that rumors of her having a boyfriend are completely false. Kim DePaola is also the dubious source of these rumors, so…let’s just let that sink in for a moment. Teresa defends, “I have a lot of guy friends. I really don’t care what people think — I’m not living in a bubble, I have to go on with my life. And when I was away, Joe was photographed with girls and he told me, ‘Listen, they were with my friends,’ and I said, ‘OK, fine.'”

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Teresa also hints that it will take some work to put their marriage back together after Joe is released from prison (and if he doesn’t get deported). Asked if she’s forgiven Joe yet, Teresa answers, “We have to ride this whole thing out. He has to serve his time, come home, and do amazing. And then I’ll answer that question.” Whoa.

Joe recently getting kicked out of his prison alcohol program over his immigration status does not bode well for his chances of remaining in the country after his sentence ends, but no new information has been confirmed about this. It certainly seems like Teresa is quietly backing away from her past statements that their family WILL BE JUST FINE! lately, though, so one has to wonder if something’s up.

Teresa even admits she wishes she’d never said yes to being a Real Housewife. “I wish I never put my husband on TV,” she explains. “He looks back on how he was on the show and feels bad that he was so s—ty on TV. He’s not like that in real life.”

In Teresa’s real life, she’s getting ready to go on a book signing tour this October to promote Standing Strong, and hoping this season of RHONJ is a hit. “I can’t take a break!” says Teresa in regard to her hustle. “I have four daughters, so I have to keep going. This is going to be my best [book]. I finally open up.”


Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images