Teresa Giudice - Standing Strong Memoir

Teresa Giudice Says Her Mother’s Death Was Worse Than Prison; Memoir ‘Standing Strong’ Details

There’s never a dull moment in Teresa Giudice‘s life. Less than a year after being released from federal prison, Teresa suffered the tragic loss of her mother Antonia and the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star admits that nothing she’s endured has been harder than this. 

Teresa has been working through her grief with yoga and writing. She recently shared more details about her upcoming memoir, Standing Strong, which is about finding her way back to herself and figuring out how to handle not only Joe Giudice‘s prison sentence, but also her mother’s unexpected passing by finding zen and learning to rely on Joe and Melissa Gorga.

The book was inspired by “a busy year indeed with lots of ups and downs.” The title reflects Teresa’s realization that she would survive and “Standing Strong” became a mantra for her.

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Different from Turning The Tables, her memoir about prison life, Standing Strong runs the gamut from Teresa’s career in reality TV – including her time on Celebrity Apprentice – to parenting without Joe, reconnecting with her brother and Melissa, and becoming more forgiving and accepting. Like ending her feud with Danielle Staub, perhaps? Yoga works miracles, I suppose!

“This book is very personal for me. It was difficult to write, particularly the part about losing my mother,” Teresa shares. “I thought going away was hard, but losing my mom was a thousand times harder.”

“It’s a lot like my life. It’s all over the place,” Teresa explains, “but it’s primarily centered around my family, much like Real Housewives of New Jersey is.”

Standing Strong promises a “healthy dose of Housewives gossip,” but Teresa will also let readers into her true relationship with Joe like never before. “I don’t think I have ever been more honest about my true feelings regarding my marriage,” she tells People. “I think my honesty is going to shock some people, including my husband, but it’s how I feel.”

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I for one am more than eager to read this. I can’t even imagine “Teresa” and “honest” being in the same sentence without the word “not” being included, but perhaps all the tragedies she’s endured combined with yoga have finally made Teresa face reality? Let’s hope!

Teresa revealed on Instagram that Standing Strong will be released October 3rd. “Hope you will all read & tell me your thoughts! #author #standingstrong #showingmydaughters #workethic #nytimesbestsellingauthor #thankyougod #formyfamily #excited,” she declared.


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