Jenelle Evans Wedding - With Jace

Barbara Evans Devasted She Wasn’t Invited To Jenelle Evans & David Eason’s Wedding!

After all Barbara Evans has done for her daughter Jenelle Evans – including raising Jenelle’s oldest child – Barbara was rewarded with the ultimate snub! Jenelle vowed she wouldn’t invite her mom to her wedding to David Eason and – finally a promise Jenelle made good on, because, she didn’t!

This weekend the Teen Mom 2 star tied the knot to the delectable David in an MTV paid for affair intimate backyard ceremony, and her mom was noticeably absent. “It’s painful, very painful,” admits Barbara. “I would’ve loved to be there to see my grandchildren all dressed up and everything.” 

“I’m very devastated that I wasn’t invited to the wedding. I am out of town. Out of sight out of mind. I can’t be around,” Barbara confessed. “I’ve been crying.”

“When push comes to shove it doesn’t matter. When you’re a mother it’s unconditional love,” Barbara continued. “To do this to me, it is heart wrenching. If this is what she chooses to alienate me out of her life so be it.”

Jenelle had no family members at her wedding, and Jace, 8, walked her down the aisle. “Everyone David knows is there, she has nobody there,” Barbara told Radar Online. Barbara adds that Jace was “very upset” she wasn’t included.

Jenelle confirmed this on Instagram, writing, “None of my family attended my wedding and I do not care, this boy is who mattered in the end. Jace did a great job and was super excited for the wedding to start!”

However, Jenelle claims she was upset as her mother. The night before the big day, Jenelle and David had a very real and honest fight about Barbara’s exclusion and Jenelle even considered calling off the wedding. YEAH RIGHT – PR STUNT 

In a clip released exclusively to RadarJenelle returns her engagement ring at the rehearsal dinner and is seen whining to a friend about wanting Barbara there. “I said for two hours I wanted him to care about me, talk to me about my mom situation. I don’t have a mom coming tomorrow, he has a mom. I want his attention. This is my house, and he does not give a f**k. I’ve been crying all day.” Of course, Jenelle’s Instagram quote (above), confirms she didn’t really want Barbara there!

Ultimately, however, Barbara blames David for destroying her relationship with Jenelle. “I think David planned it that way,” she said. “David has alienated me from Jenelle.”

How long do we think this will last? I’m betting 2 years max! [Credit]


[Photo Credit: Instagram]