Jenelle Evans Says Doing Everything With David Eason Makes Their Relationship Work

This is Jenelle Evans‘ third? fourth? engagement but the Teen Mom 2 star is confident she’ll make it down the aisle to everlasting love with David Eason so long as the TV cameras are rolling forever and ever. Ain’t that sweet!

Jenelle believes the secret to making their relationship work is because she and David do everything togetherExcept effective parenting. Like, he’s even helping her launch and produce her upcoming makeup line! Dishing out relationship advice, Jenelle opines: “You stay busy, and if you stay busy there’s nothing really to argue about.” Too bad we see you – we see you on the TV! 

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Um, all this togetherness only works if neither of you has a real job. Apparently, Jenelle and David are planning to become house flippers, so maybe that counts as a way to score an HGTV show as actual employment?

“We have a lot of projects that are coming up and we’re working on them as a team, just like we have been, but this time together as a family,” Jenelle reveals. “So it will be great. We’re looking into house renovations, buying and flipping.”

Jenelle’s new cosmetic line will also include plenty of influence from David. “He’s helping me with that, just a lot of the business aspect behind it.”

This is like the blind leading the blind – and I don’t want them in charge of applying anyone’s mascara! Exactly what qualifications does oh-so-successful-David have as a business manager? Actually, what qualifications do either of these two have for anything? Flipping houses?! Whatever happened to Jenelle going to school for medical billing? #GrifterU

Also, it sounds to me like David is just a clingy-ass weirdo who never lets Jenelle breathe. Considering her capacity to make poor life choices, perhaps that’s a good thing. KIDDING!

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Anyway, Jenelle has chosen her wedding gown which is “very slim-fitting” and contains “modern lace” for her upcoming September wedding, which will take place before the fans and cameras who love them. Perhaps all of David and Jenelle’s kids will actually attend, but it sounds like Barbara Evans still isn’t making the guest list. “I am [looking forward] to definitely just getting my future started,” Jenelle gushed to Us Weekly.

Yeah, best of luck.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]