Jenelle Evans & Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans Claims Jenelle Evans’ Memoir Is Full Of Lies!

Jenelle Evans recently released a new memoir Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teen Mom, because I guess she wanted to explain how her life became so crazy. And, per the usual, according to Jenelle, everything is Barbara Evans fault!

The Teen Mom 2 star purports that Barbara tricked her into signing over custody of Jace and blames her mom for an unhappy childhood after her father left – she claims Barbara pushed him out after an accident in which he fell down the stairs while holding her as a baby. Barbara reveals that Jenelle’s dad actually left when she was 3.

Barbara is furious by Jenelle’s latest betrayal and is adamant that Jenelle’s tales are “not even true!”

Barbara tells Radar Online that she’s “ getting a little sick and tired of” Jenelle putting all their family drama out there and not even reporting it accurately. “She doesn’t even know half the story of her life!” seethed Barbara.

“I’m not gonna look like the bad person here,” Barbara adds, “because I’m not.”

Regarding custody of Jace, which is still ongoing, Jenelle contends that Barbara connived and took advantage of her teenaged daughter. Um, Jenelle does recall that she was on TV during those years? #WeSeeYou

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“I fell into the trap of signing over the custody of my son Jace. I thought I was doing it so I could get my life back on track and regain custody of my son,” Jenelle accuses. “The courts awarded her full custody and she has retained rights ever since.”

Jenelle writes: “One night, my mother convinced me to go out with my friends so I could relax. I should have been suspicious at the time. My mother wasn’t the relaxing type of person, much less the kind of woman to encourage others to enjoy themselves.” In her absence Barbara called CPS, and they were there when Jenelle returned home because Barbara reported to them that Jenelle was partying all the time. Jenelle claims the investigators refused to listen to her side and demanded Barbara be awarded temporary custody or place Jace in foster care because Jenelle “wasn’t financially stable.”

“I wanted to get a lawyer to fight it, but I couldn’t afford one. I felt like a frightened animal backed into a corner,” Jenelle claims. This is the only time in her life Jenelle couldn’t afford an attorney… Also I call BS on Jenelle’s memories. #TheKeifferYears

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Jenelle and Barbara currently aren’t speaking, although they did finally come to a custody agreement to help Jenelle slowly regain more custody of Jace.


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