Lydia McLaughlin Excited For Trip; Cast Heads To Iceland On RHOC This Week!

Our deepest apologies to the people of Iceland for whatever epic disaster ensued when The Real Housewives Of Orange County descended upon their fair country. For viewers at home, the trip is just beginning though! And Lydia McLaughlin is pretending to be excited about the adventures awaiting them. She’s also making sure to plug her magazine a whole lot, as it’s the impetus for the trip (in theory).

Lydia gushes, “This week’s episode we gear up for Iceland! We get offered a lot of press trips because of NOBLEMAN Magazine, so when we were offered a trip to Iceland we had to make it happen. I have heard so much about Iceland and seen so many great photos. Doug was too busy with our upcoming deadline so I was excited to go represent for NOBLEMAN. We figured if we like it, we could send a writer and photographer and do a big feature for NOBLEMAN.” Hey, you guys – did you catch the name of Lydia and Doug’s magazine? It’s NOBLEMAN!!! 

If the women of RHOC aren’t okay with Lydia’s sparkle, they can stay off her rainbow! Because she’s about as jazzed for this trip as Vicki is when throwing herself a birthday party. Lydia writes in her blog, “I was really excited to take the ladies on a group trip and to create fun, bonding moments and just celebrate life together on an adventure out of our comfort zones.”

Before the trip was announced, everyone had to make it through Meghan Edmonds’ psycho psychic dinner, at which Lydia and Shannon Beador went at it again. But it was really Peggy Sulahian who was Shannon’s main sparring partner that night; Lydia just played backup.

Lydia explains her frustrations: “Obviously Shannon and I have had a rough go at a real friendship. I was frustrated with her and the way she treated Peggy. I felt like Shannon had prepared a speech for the whole Diko and David drama, but nowhere in her monologue was there concern for Peggy.”

Long sigh. At this point, it seems like Lydia and Shannon are never going to see eye to eye. And am I the only one feeling like Shannon is losing her grip on reality/sanity in a very real and sad way lately? She’s a housewife I really want to root for, but her coming unhinged this season (in a more dramatic and drastic way than ever before) is not compelling TV viewing. It’s just…disturbing.

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But Lydia sees Shannon’s behavior as just plain bizarre and uncalled for. She argues that “Diko and Peggy have gone through a lot and perhaps David’s questioning was just conversation. But calmly say that and apologize for the misunderstanding and MOVE ON. Why is she going to the bathroom to convene with Tamra [Judge] and scream and cuss. Being ‘expressive’ just isn’t cutting it anymore.”

Hoping that everyone gets along in Iceland seems like and adult writing Christmas list to Santa at this point. As in: You can wish for it all you want, but elfin magic won’t make it happen!

Tonight, the RHOC gang touches down in Iceland for their multi-episode adventure. Will Vicki get rushed to the Emergency Room within minutes of landing? Will Kelly Dodd get her tongue stuck to a frozen window pane? Will Shannon’s screaming start an avalanche? And will Peggy even know where the hell she is?!?!?

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Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Eurocar

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