Teresa Giudice Would Go To Prison “T

The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers became very accustomed to a very stoic Teresa Giudice smiling her way through her problems over the years. This season, the fans have seen a more raw side of the OG cast member after the loss of her mother Antonia Gorga. If you didn’t tear up watching the Season 8 premiere, props to you because I could not handle all of the emotion from the Giudice/Gorga family during that opening segment.

Aside from being very open about the loss of her mother, Teresa has actually voiced her anger with currently imprisoned husband Joe Giudice. This is a far cry from the woman who refused to admit her home was in foreclosure, say the words “jail” or “prison,” and loved bragging about how much she was into her “Juicy Joe” even in the midst of very public legal issues.

Teresa explained why she has been so open about her feelings this season during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Teresa admitted, “I still feel like it’s not real. Like, I was just in London and as soon as I got there, matter of fact — as soon I as landed in L.A. — I dialed my mom’s number. So, I feel like it’s still not real to me.” That is so heartbreaking.

Teresa said, “I lost my mom [and] that got me really upset and angry. Not only that, but Teresa actually uttered the word “prison” instead of saying “camp” or referencing when she was “way.” Teresa confessed,”That’s what made me open up, because I feel like I lost out, those 11 and a half months that I was in prison, you know, [spending time with] my mom.”

She continued, “I could’ve been with my mom those 11 and a half months. I got really angry and I expressed myself, and I guess all those feelings came out, which I have to say was really therapeutic.”

Teresa even said, “I guess it was something that needed to come out … it was one of the worst times in my life. I would go away 20 more times than, you know, not to lose my mom.” That is one of the saddest things I have heard in a long time. Poor Tre.

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