Cary Deuber Is Baffled By The Lengths LeeAnne Locken Has Gone To With Her Bullying Ways

The Real Housewives of Dallas wrapped up its second season this week and Cary Deuber is relieved that it’s over. (Well, except for those grueling reunion episodes, of course) She shares her final thoughts in the last blog of the season. Cary is glad for everything she went through with some of her co-stars is but is still confused by the level of nastiness coming from LeeAnne Locken.

Cary shares that she expects a certain amount of crazy, but she’s glad season two is done and over. “I have to admit, I’m ready to be done with this messy season. Of course, in situations like this, it’s expected to have one’s fair share of drama and scandal.” Adding, “However, I strongly feel that SO many of our group conflicts would have been completely avoidable had we all done better at communicating with each other, and as we’ve all seen over the course of this year, straightforward communication is easier for some than others. This applies to friendships AND relationships.”

Cary is proud of Mark taking the high road with LeeAnne, but it hasn’t been easy. “Mark and I are a team. No matter what, we are partners and will always look out for each other. We have a very strong bond that I’ve always been abundantly proud of, but I’ve learned that this happiness can somehow threaten others. I believe it’s very important to take note of who celebrates your happiness and who is upset by it. These reactions are VERY telling about those surrounding you, and my husband and I have seen this firsthand. We are both very much over being LeeAnne acting like a bully toward us. It has been very hard for my family and has been hard on my marriage. My husband is a very compassionate and sensitive being, and he has quite frankly taken a full-on beating, and so have I. Words can’t describe how proud I am of him for handling this the way that he has.”


She feels a little sorry for LeeAnne, “It’s actually heartbreaking to see how insecure and hollow one’s life must be to behave so aggressively towards people like us that they don’t even know. Lashing out in the ways we’ve seen this year only raises a giant red flag of jealousy, and those sick, sad attacks are not jokes. They’re intended to cut deep. Thankfully, the love in our home is deeper. As a matter of fact, it forces us to take things on as a more united front, and I’m glad to know that my husband has my back and that I have his.”

Cary says that the drama just brought her closer to Brandi and Stephanie, “Looking back on things, I am glad that Brandi, Stephanie, and I went through what we did this season. I think it has made us stronger as women and as friends.”

She doesn’t see a way through the mess with LeeAnne since she continues to trash talk her and shows no signs of remorse or wanting to make amends. Could make for a tense season 3… “Honestly, I’m not sure where to go from here with LeeAnne. She, unlike the other ladies, is not regretful, as she stated just recently on Watch What Happens Live. She has no regrets about what she has done to me and my family, and that is just beyond my comprehension. I think I could at least move on in a more positive direction if she would just take the Deuber name out of her mouth. She and her fiancé have continued to beat up on us and it just shows clearly that they will NEVER stop the hate. We have wished them well despite the things they’ve said and done, but they seem to be deeply unhappy people with a fierce need to shoot down others that are truly happy and successful. My life doesn’t even intersect with hers, and the FAR reach to be so nasty to me from such a non-factor position is just beyond logic. My happiness, confidence, and security shouldn’t threaten anyone. Success does not equate to condescension, and I wouldn’t even have to mention it if it didn’t seem to bother these people so much. It saddens me that our family continues to have to put up with these people acting like BULLIES to us, but we will continue to grow living in the light and let the shadows fall behind us, far away, where they belong.”

She thinks all will be revealed at the reunion, “Soon, we will all be reunited, couch-to-couch, and even more of our true colors will be shown.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV