Kelly Dodd Calls Out Meghan Edmonds For Being Boring; LeeAnne Locken Was Sad Brandi Redmond “Flipped Back & Forth So Many Times” About Being Her Friend

Whoever decided to book Kelly Dodd and LeeAnne Locken for the same Watch What Happens Live episode deserves a raise. What a fire pairing. Andy Cohen barely had to do any hosting. These two were more than happy to open up.

Kelly and LeeAnne spilled tea, talked shit, and kept it real as they possibly could.

It seemed like such a random and magical idea to put Kelly and LeeAnne together, but Kelly actually revealed, “We actually have each other’s phone numbers. We talk to each other.” I would love to see those text screen shots.

Of course Andy referenced LeeAnne’s iconic surgery day soliloquy about having hands in her hands- several times. LeeAnne shared, “Surgery freaks me out. My grandmother died on the operating table, so I really freak with surgery. So I get there and Brandi [Redmond] got me in such an agitated state and I walk in and the doctor was like ‘we gotta relax her, so let’s give her more.'” Andy asked, “So that was you relaxed?” LeeAnne admitted, “That was me fighting the drugs.”

Kelly couldn’t help chiming in with, “What did you say? ‘My hands aren’t knives’? What are you: Freddy Kruger?” LeeAnne admitted, “Yeah. Kind of.”

Andy got more than Kelly’s opinion on the Dallas drama when he asked, “If someone told you that your boob doctor killed his previous patients on the surgery table right before you were going in for your surgery, what would you do in that situation?” She said, “That’s what Vicki [Gunvalson] said about Terry Dubrow.” Wait. What? When? Kelly added, “I swear. Promise. That’s why Heather [Dubrow] got mad.” Andy had no recollection about any of that (and neither did I- a self-appointed Bravo historian), but Heather insisted that it was a part of that infamous Ireland bus fight. This makes sense since there was way too much going on in that scene to comprehend it fully.

Andy also asked Kelly how she would react if she had a good friend who wouldn’t let her in the house with her kids like Brandi did to LeeAnne. Kelly continued spilling that Dubrow tea by saying, “That happened to me with Heather. Bye, bitch.”

Then Andy went back to asking LeeAnne about Dallas instead of Kelly (even though that was giving us some pretty juicy OC tidbits somehow). In response to a clip from next week’s finale argument with Brandi, LeeAnne confessed, “I think at that point I was so sad to have somebody flip back and forth so many times that- you know, you saw me at the reunion- I was just sad.” Andy confirmed that with a “Yeah.”

A caller asked LeeAnne about her nemesis Stephanie Hollman making jokes about her flesh eating bacteria. LeeAnne said, “Watching Stephanie this year consistently dog me and talk horrible about me in her confessionals, but then smile to my face every time we did a scene together was really… You’re getting to see the Stephanie that I deal with every year.”

We all knew it was coming. It was the elephant in the room for the whole episode. Andy looked to Kelly and said, “You re-filed for divorce. What’s going on with you and Michael [Dodd]? She responded with, “We sold our house”- which saddens me because she has the most visually appealing home on the show. Enough about me, Andy wondered, “Do you think this is for good?” Kelly shared, “Well, I’ve tried. I filed for divorce too five years ago. I wasn’t with him for two years. I tried for five years and it’s just not working.”

Andy remarked, “It seems to me that you were getting along the best that I’ve seen.” Kelly agreed and said, “We get along great. We have a good time together. We are really good friends.” LeeAnne shared her two cents: “Sometimes you need more than just friends.” Kelly added, “I need more than a brother.” Damn. That’s rough, but I’m so #TeamKelly these days that I am all for it.

A caller asked Kelly if she thought “Lydia [McLaughlin] was overreacting about being left out of the group text?” Kelly said, “Oh, absolutely. Of course. It was ridiculous. We even said to her that it was ridiculous. It was just an oversight.” It was also ridiculous how Lydia initiated that group walk to abandon Meghan Edmonds in response to her breast feeding her baby moments after she was complaining about being excluded. The irony. The hypocrisy. Standard Lydia.

LeeAnne jumped back into the conversation and told a viewer, “I think there will be cast members at my wedding.” By that she has to mean D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott. There’s no chance in hell that she’s inviting Cary Deuber or Stephanie. Whether or not Brandi gets invited is something that could change from day to day. I actually do enjoy their relationship (when they’re getting along) so I hope that they do end up get back together eventually. It is not likely, but I am all for it.

A viewer asked Kelly, “What do you think about Meghan saying you’re too mean and nasty for the show?” And she had the best response: “Well, she’s boring for the show.”

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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