Update On Jill Zarin’s Husband Bobby’s Cancer Battle

It has been a very difficult time for Jill Zarin’s husband Bobby Zarin in regard to his health. After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009, Bobby has struggled greatly and has even had some periods of improvement in between.

It seemed like things were finally looking up for Bobby this past year, but it’s being reported that he is struggling a lot these days.

For the record, this is information that a “a close friend” of the couple conveyed to Us Weekly. The person was not identified and there is no confirmation from Jill or Bobby that the relayed message is accurate.

This Us Weekly article reports that “the couple is keeping their heads held high during this difficult time. The source said, “Jill redid their apartment so he could be comfortable. She focused on it for the last year — spent the whole year renovating, got him an electric bed that goes up and down — to make sure that when this time came he’d be very comfortable.”

This same friend alleged that Bobby “is putting up the fight of his life.” This person also said,  “Bobby is really strong. He’s really fighting. But this was inevitable and Jill knew this would eventually happen.”

Understandably, the source stated, “Jill just wants to bring him home.” As expected, Jill is doing everything she can to take care of her husband during his time of need. The pal revealed, “Jill has private nurses around the clock, and aides, plus a great doctor who comes over. Bobby’s not giving up but there’s not much more fight left.” This is just all so sad to hear. It has to be such a tough time for the Bobby, Jill, and their family and friends. Our thoughts are with Jill and her family!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]