Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Has Some Choice Words For His Valor Crew On Below Deck; Praises Kate Chastain

It’s time for Captain Lee‘s weekly crew member comments! The Valor captain breaks down each person’s performance on this week‘s Below Deck charter and, as always, he mixes sincere critique with some blunt advice.

On Jen‘s ridiculous antics, “You may not be the worst drunk person I’ve ever observed, but you are in the top 5 no doubt. You have a mean streak that really jumps out after a couple of pops. Kate was totally correct – had I witnessed your behavior, last charter or not, you would have been walking down the dock.” 

He continued, “your ‘after the fact’ apologies are just sorry ass excuses for bad behavior that you simply cannot rationalize at all. And enough with the eye roll. You are in no position to be doing that sort of thing, period.” He hopes she drops the crap and says he’s disappointed because he initially had high hopes for her.

Captain Lee is disappointed in Nico, but also relieved that he’s taking some amount of responsibility, “it is refreshing to see you taking some responsibility for your actions for a change. Some of the potential I know is in there just may start to surface.” He has a little relationship advice for Nico. “You state that you don’t want to just jump from one relationship to another, but you do with little or no regard for the people that you affect around you. For your sake, I hope you get that straight in your mind. It will make your life a lot easier to deal with.”

Lee is not holding back when it comes to Kyle. He blogged, “sometimes you just amaze me. When I think I’ve seen it all, you come along and top everything.” He blasts him for his overreactions, “You’re so upset with Jen over a little thing at dinner. But you still want to have an exchange of bodily fluids with her? Couldn’t you have just overlooked that, instead of ruining dinner for everyone? No, I suppose not. And then, when Jen called Baker a whore, you get all up in arms, right when you’re just about to let Jen have the privilege of sleeping with you. Then you say you still would, but just because it’s there. Well aren’t we just full of ourselves? Personally, I think you would hump a rock pile if you thought there was a possibility of a snake being in there.”

He’s impressed with Matt and Baker. “Matt, you pulled out all the stops and really hit a home run so far on this charter.” And “Baker, you are such a stud. You had another strong performance this week, as usual.”

His word for Bruno: Hands Off! “you need to realize that, one, that whole conversation with Jen should have been left alone, and two, you never ever put your hands on another crew member, unless they want you to.”

His highest praise this episode are reserved for Kate and Bri. “Kate, well done with everyone this week. You were correct, had I witnessed Jen’s behavior, I would have fired her and you would’ve been short handed with Mr. Sykes coming on board.”

As for Bri, he thinks her promotion is well-deserved and explains himself on disciplinary talks. “Bri, congrats on your promotion. I felt you deserved it as well. You have really blossomed this season. One thing I noticed was when you were talking with Nico about the meeting with Jen and Kate, you said you felt you were put in the middle. Not sure I agree with that. I always bring another person in when I am disciplining someone so that I have a witness as to what transpired so nothing can come back and turn into a conundrum as so frequently happens.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV