Brandi Glanville Says Lisa Vanderpump Is A Liar & She Will Only Be Friends With Her Again If She Cuts Her A Check For Half A Million Dollars
Even though Brandi Glanville hasn’t been a Real Housewife for a few years, the Real Housewives drama still follows her. She was in that ridiculous lawsuit with Joanna Krupa for years for a joke she made about Joanna’s alleged odor .

Brandi’s best-friend-turned-enemy Lisa Vanderpump was even brought into the lawsuit as well. Brandi hasn’t mentioned anything about Joanna– probably because she is not allowed to- but Brandi has a major bone to pick with Lisa.

In an episode of her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast which was an episode that was also shared on Reality Steve, Brandi claimed, “The only way that woman and I will ever be friends again is if she cuts me a check for half a million dollars.”

Why is that? Brandi continued, “She’s a snake in the grass. She’s a liar. Being able to lie under oath and cost me that money, knowing she’s lying, is just… It’s not good enough that I’m not on the show anymore. Now you want to ruin my livelihood. All of my savings are gone because of this one lie and she knows. It’s just exhausting to me.”

Brandi claimed, “We will never be friends again unless she breaks out her check book. Honestly, her time will come. Karma’s a bitch and I happen to know it’s coming soon.” What does that last part mean? Is it an empty threat or is there some Lisa drama on the horizon?

Brandi also discussed the time she slapped Lisa during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast trip to Amsterdam. Brandi shared, “So we were in Amsterdam and we were actually getting along. I was like ‘Let’s make out. Kiss me.’ She was like ‘Darling! No!’ But she really likes the attention. And I go ‘If you don’t kiss me, I’m going to slap you.’ I barely smacked her face and she’s like ‘Oh my lord. No one has ever touched me like that in my life.’ She was like ‘I will kill and bury you.'” Why wasn’t that last part on the show? I would have loved to see Lisa threatening anyone with that British accent.

Brandi continued, “She was like ‘No one in my life has ever touched me this way.’ Then a few reunions later, she’s saying she was in a physically abusive relationship, so I’m like wait bitch, what is it? She’s just a liar. I refuse to kiss her ass like everyone else does and that’s why she takes everyone else back.” Damn. She also insisted, “At the end of the day, I did slap her. It was more of a love tap. I was just trying to kiss her.”

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