Real Housewives Of Atlanta After Show Premieres Tonight

I am a loyal viewer to every single series in the Real Housewives franchise. I’ll stick around for the less than stellar seasons and the newer shows that are still finding their footing. I’ll even watch episodes I wasn’t “that into” multiple times. What I’m saying is that I will consume every bit of Real Housewives content that I possibly can- whether it’s good or bad less than what I expected.

One show that I have always enjoyed watching is Real Housewives of Atlanta. This show has constantly delivered. Sure, there are some episodes that are less than explosive, but there has never been a whole season of the show that has missed the mark- which is not something that can be said about the other Housewives shows. That’s why I’m so here for The Real Housewives of Atlanta after show that we are about to be blessed with.

On Bravo’s The Daily Dish, it was announced that The Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show that’s starting on January 7 at 9PM on the Bravo website. The ladies in the cast will dish on the episode that just aired every Sunday night. I wonder if this will replace their Bravo blogs since most of them never participate in those anymore! I have no idea how far in advance these episodes have been taped, but I can just never get enough of the Atlanta ladies and their quick quips. They are all hysterical.

There was a short-lived Vanderpump Rules After Show a couple of seasons ago, which I was into (of course). It will be interesting to see if this RHOA after show ends up fizzling out as well. Maybe other Housewives shows will follow suit. I couldn’t even imagine the New Jersey ladies sitting on a couch discussing this season’s episodes. Now that is something I would love to see as well. Then again, I watch everything that Bravo puts out.

Just like every other show in this franchise, I’ll be tuning in live and attempting to come up with some funny live tweets in response.

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On tonight’s RHOA episode, we can look forward to: “Kandi and Todd face criticism from the Old Lady Gang as they search for a new general manager who can help turn business around at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Marlo come together to serve tea – literally – to NeNe and Porsha with the hopes of bringing the two former friends back together. Kenya and Shereé make an unlikely duo as they join forces to produce a PSA against domestic violence, but an unexpected setback arises the day of the shoot and nearly shuts production down.”

The regular episode of RHOA kicks off at 8/7 C! Join us here to snark it all!


[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]