Vanderpump Rules After Show

On the final Vanderpump Rules After Show of the season, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, and Lisa Vanderpump dish on Tom and Katie’s engagement party. Scheana Marie is there, as well, but all she does is make bitchy comments to Lala. Someone’s feeling quite threatened.

Lala admits that she was “heavily intoxicated” at Tom and Katie‘s engagement party. About interrupting Kristen Doute‘s speech, she shares, “I have massive anxiety when people repeat themselves. I was ready to have her wrap it up.”

Scheana, who is insufferable this entire segment, says to Lala, “It was so rude and so disrespectful whether we were all thinking it or not. It wasn’t your day. It was not. It had nothing to do with you. You were barely invited.”


Moving on to Kristen calling Lala a ratchet whore bag, Lala says, “I don’t mind ratchet. I am a little bit ratchet. That’s not really offensive. The whore thing, it is like, pick up a dictionary, bitch.”

Scheana interrupts, “One could say that same about you, talking shit about me on Twitter. You should pick up a dictionary too.” Lala argues, “I am an educated woman,” to which Scheana says, “You don’t talk like you are at all. Your behavior the last couple of months does not come off as educated to me.” They go back and forth a bit more, then Lala bemoans, “It’s like sand box days. I feel like I’m back in preschool.”

Lala points out that she physically pushed Kristen because she questioned her mother’s parenting, adding, “I am 25 years old. She was finished raising me a long time ago. My actions don’t reflect the way I was raised, so don’t bring my mom up, cause we’re going to have a problem.” Scheana throws another “what mature people do” comment in Lala’s direction.

Lala acknowledges that she’s “not in a good place” with the group but is all “no bother” about it. The hosts suggest Scheana give Lala advice on how to act around the group. Scheana whines, “She doesn’t take my advice. I’ve been giving it all year.” Lala says, “It’s too sappy. Be my friend or don’t be my friend.”

Please let Scheana join Brandi Glanville in the Bitter Ex Bravo Stars club sooner rather than later.

Lisa Vanderpump

Katie, Tom, and Lisa are up next. “These two are very sweet,” gushes Lisa. “I very rarely have to chastise them. They’re always good in my book.”

About the engagement party, Lisa says she “absolutely” expected Kristen to show up. “I should have put up more security to keep her out,” she snarks. “But, it wasn’t my party, it was their party and I didn’t want to ruin anything about it. As much as I wanted to punch them in the face… I wanted to kick them out…I really did… I held back.”

Lisa admits she took issue with Kristen‘s speech, “I know Katie disagreed with [Lala heckling Kristen], but I was supremely irritated by them getting up there and hijacking the show after they busted their way in. They should’ve been kind of deferential and a little bit quieter, but suddenly they were holding court.”

“But it’s not Lala‘s place,” argues Katie. “If you would have said something, I would have been a little hesitant, but Lala? First of all, she lucky to have been there at all.”

About James bragging about the brownies he ate and the joints he smoked before the party, Lisa says, “I don’t understand why he would celebrate being sober by getting high. It just doesn’t equate, but maybe in his mind, it does. He thinks he’s being really well-behaved because he’s not drinking.” That said, in Katie‘s opinion, James was drunk as well as high.

Lisa says it was “good to have some resolution” as a result of Stassi‘s return.

“For me, she was very sincere, or so I thought,” shares Lisa. “She came up to me, off camera, apart from when we had that intense meeting. She came up to me afterwards and said, ‘I really mean this.’ Then I watch the episode and see her trashing me and saying, ‘All this woman ever did for me was let me serve a couple of crispy chickens.’ I think she hasn’t changed.”

During her segment, Stassi defends herself, “I feel like I’ve done what it takes with the people that I really care about. I’m not saying that every person in this group is someone that is my best friend. That’s not true at all. The people that I really care about and am friends with, they know. That’s all that really matters.”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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