Stassi Schroeder Faces Criticism After Describing Her Outfit As “Nazi Chic”

It seemed like the backlash from Stassi Schroeder’s podcast controversy was starting to simmer down. She apologized and explained herself a few times and there have been plenty of scandals associated with Vanderpump Rules (and not associated with Vanderpump Rules) to take her shine in controversy spotlight.

Now she’s back in the thick of the drama, yet again. This time people have taken issue with a caption on her Instagram story post.

Stassi shared a photo on her Instagram story and described her outfit (an all black outfit and hat) as “Nazi Chic.” Obviously, that reference did not go over well, and her photo was instantly screen shot and re-posted by a lot of critics.

Stassi hasn’t specifically apologized her word choice. Instead she posted a meme with a photo of a guy avoid lasers that was captioned with “me trying to make a joke that won’t offend anyone in 2017” and had a response that said “My wife died in a laser accident. What is your problem ????”

Stassi didn’t say that was her response to the Instagram story backlash, but it could easily be interpreted that way.

One fan tweeted Stassi, “If you don’t follow her you’d obviously take this out of context. She’s always being made fun of when she travels for wearing her monogram which is “s.s” so I’m 100% sure this was bc of that not bc she’s trying to be offensive. I got you @stassi #Khaleesi.” Stassi quoted the tweet and added, “Thank you.”

Stassi also retweeted a post from a fan that said, “Dear @stassi in a community who seems to sit around waiting to criticize every f-cking move you make. I love you and I get you. Now retweet this so they all know. #Queen.”

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[Photo Credit: Twitter]