NeNe Leakes Denies Dating Sheree Whitfield’s Man Tyrone Gilliams; Disappointed She’s “Being Used” For Sheree’s Story Line

Bravo needs to hand Tyrone Gilliams a peach. Sheree Whitfield’s imprisoned boyfriend is bringing more to the table than most of the full-time cast members on Real Housewives of Atlanta. He has not appeared in one scene this season, yet he is causing quite the stir via speaker phone.

I absolutely live for it when Sheree’s phone rings and there’s an automated message asking if she wants to accept a collect call from an inmate and Tyrone really came through during that last episode. He asked a lot of questions about NeNe Leakes and not-so-subtly implied that he has some information on NeNe that she doesn’t want to get out.

During that episode, Tyrone asked Sheree if NeNe was “running her mouth” about him. He also “asked” “How long has NeNe been married?” That is a rhetorical question that he obviously asked with the sole intention of stirring the pot. Tyrone even said, “NeNe should never want to speak anything negatively about me. She don’t want to go down that road.”

NeNe isn’t afraid of anyone. She did go down that road. In an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta After show on the Bravo website, NeNe cut right to the chase and denied everything that Tyrone was implying during that episode. She explained, “I was going through a divorce at that time and we were staying at the same hotel and he was with another girl. Of course they were super thirsty and came over and, you know, ‘Hi, want to meet you. Want to take you out to dinner.’ We went out to dinner in a group setting and then, later on, called me on his own and wanted to go out to dinner and, uh, well you know…” No, we don’t, NeNe. What does that mean? Clarification is necessary.

NeNe said, “Well I am NeNe Leakes honey. I give free dinners now and then,” which sounds like a date to me. Even so she insisted, “I knew him VERY briefly and no sexual contact took place. No kiss, no holding hands, no hugging, NOTHING! Dinner? drinks.”

NeNe shaded Tyrone, saying, “He loves RHOA! He’s super fan! I’ve never offered myself to any man and if I had, trust me he would have taken it.” And she threw in a jab toward Sheree: “It’s very disappointing that I’m being used to help with her story line this season.” I don’t blame NeNe for being annoyed, but as a viewer I can’t help feeling like this is a lot more interesting than Sheree avidly defending the baseboards and trim at Chateau Sheree like she did for most of last season.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]