Brandi Glanville Calls Herself A Reality All-Star; Is Worried She’ll Be Targeted In The Celebrity Big Brother House

Brandi Glanville is really not ready to leave reality TV behind her. In addition to appearing on Family Boot Camp, she also just announced that she’ll be joining Celebrity Big Brother. This is after she already did the UK version.

Brandi was actually a last-minute addition to the U.S. Celebrity Big Brother house. She said she got the invitation days before casting was announced, and had nothing better to do (this time), so she jumped right in! At least she can admit that reality TV hopping is her profession, although Brandi worries the other housemates already know her weaknesses from watching her on TV SO. MANY. TIMES. 

“It might put a target on me,” Brandi hypothesizes, “because I’m a reality all-star. This is what I do: I’m not a singer, an actor, an athlete, so I think people might think I have an upper hand in a way. Which I don’t! Because I wish I was actor, and could backstab and lie and do all that fun stuff. But, yeah, I feel like people might want me out because of that. Or because of a lot of other reasons,” she jokes.

“Everyone knows they kinda get the reaction from me when they go for it. I’m working on changing that, but I only have a few days to work on that, so I’m hoping I can kind of be calmer,” laughs Brandi. “It hasn’t changed yet, so I don’t foresee it changing, but – we’ll see!”

I predict Brandi and Omarosa having some MEGA, MEGA drama. Like worse than Brandi Vs. Kenya Moore

Brandi claims she has no strategy to win – she just wants to win. Really, really badly. But for her kids.

“I’m just gonna kinda freeball it. Like I do in my life.” Although Brandi isn’t worried about potentially embarrassing herself (or her kids) in the process. “I’ve already done all that stuff,” she reminds ET, “and my kids think I’m epic and awesome. They think I’m like a superhero in some ways, so I have to win. Somehow.”

Her biggest concern is actually the physical challenges. Brandi blames her “holiday body” because she hasn’t been working out. Apparently in the UK CBB, “We just sat around in the UK… It was a lot different.”

Predictably Brandi isn’t worried about is inter-housemate drama (which is probably what most of the other housemates are sweating!) She assures us that Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills definitely has more drama. “In the Celebrity house they’re fighting over, like, food portions, but in Housewives they’re fighting over rosè and diamonds, but with like pulling hair and being crazy!”

Brandi also warns that we’ll see a lot of her slumming around in gym clothes. “Everyone thinks like Housewives – like Lisa Vanderpump going around with glam squads – I’m not that person.”

Her secret strategy: Xanax. “My doctor signed off on it! Listen – I’m pretty sure I’ll have at least one panic attack in there.”

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[Photo Credit: ET]